Thursday, December 19


The Company

I'm reading Kage Baker's Company series at the moment.  I thought I'd stopped mid-way through Mendoza in Hollywood (book 3) long ago, just before the story arc that connects all the books together kicks in.  But I just finished The Graveyard Game (book 4) and as I was getting to the end, I was overwhelmed with deja vu.  I definitely got that far before.

The series is about Dr. Zeus Inc., a.k.a The Company, a business that controls the secrets of time travel and immortality and is naturally immensely rich and run by idiots.  (Because if a corporation controls the secrets of time travel and immortality and isn't run by idiots, there's not going to be much of a story.)

The reason I bring this up is firstly because the stories are quite good and readily available on Kindle (back in the days of paper the middle volumes seemed perpetually out of print, and when I first got my Nexus 7 last year the middle volumes were virtually out of print as well), and second, because of pajama boy.

The background of Baker's books posits a decline in human moral fibre from the 21st century onwards (the books cover events in eras from around 150,000 BC through to at least the 24th century) to the point that everything remotely worth doing has been banned.  Which seemed a bit far fetched to me until pb* popped into the public consciousness.  He's the poster child for the achordate 24th century society of The Company.

Except for the fact that their list of banned substances includes chocolate.  For now, I suspect even our insufferable man-children of left-wing propaganda would consider that a step too far.

* You have to earn capital letters.

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