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Well there's a thought: 960x540 is kind of a standard video mode.  Televisions interpret it as 1080i, and monitors interpret it as 960x540.  The pixel clock would be 37.125 MHz - manageable - and in "high resolution" mode it wouldn't require any internal line or pixel doubling.

Pixels have a 1:1 aspect ratio, and it's an integer fraction of 1080p or higher so there's no scaling artifacts.  Sub-resolutions of 480x270 and 320x180 would work, and with a little fiddling, a 640x270 text mode where the pixels weren't square.  My originally planned 640x360 high-res mode would not work, but you'd have something better.

Text mode would offer up to 120 columns by 45 lines (8x12 character cell).

I should be able to do that without needing an FPGA at all, and all I need to test it is the developer kit (which I have), a handful of resistors, a VGA cable that no-one wants anymore (I'm sure I have a few of those), and a soldering iron.  And solder.  And maybe a little breadboard or something.  And some breadboard wires.  And at least a multimeter with frequency measurement so I can check the output voltage and HSYNC.

Still, if I can do this without an FPGA it's at least twice as likely that something will actually happen with this project.

Disclaimer: Rule One: Don't read the comments.

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1 "hate speech".   Well, never will those morons at Gizmodon't remember that the last time Youtube tried this--lo, just a month or so ago--they "accidentally" banned a whole bunch of legit channels.
Also, this is not Twitter so I can call them morons.

Posted by: Rick C at Thursday, August 08 2019 12:07 AM (Iwkd4)

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