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Daily News Stuff 6 September 2019

Everyday Life Of The Four Spider Sisters Edition

Tech News

  • Huawei announced their Kirin 990 and 990 5G CPUs.  (AnandTech)

    These have the A76 core, the same as in the Kirin 980, but have a 60% larger GPU running at a slightly lower frequency.

    Huawei said the reason for A76 is that the A77 isn't delivering the desired performance per watt on TSMC 7nm, and they will likely hold off until 5nm is available.

  • USB4 apparently supports 40Gbps transfers in USB mode as well as in PCIe mode when the optional Thunderbolt 3 compatibility is enabled.  (PC Perspective)

    Can we please use this to replace SATA?

  • Facebook leaked 419 million phone numbers.  (Tom's Hardware)

    You know, in the old days, we had these things called "phone books", and they basically just gave them to you.  Every year.

  • That just means the court is also wrong, Mike.  (TechDirt)

    There is no First Amendment right to a White House press pass, and your Fifth Amendment rights are not being violated if yours is suspended because you are an asshole in public.

  • Samsung showed off a prototype key-value SSD.  (AnandTech)

    SSDs are normally block-addressed.  This one is arranged like a simple database - think Berkeley DB rather than MySQL.  You have a pool of objects, each identified by a key (up to 255 bytes) mapped to a value up to 2MB in size.

    So rather than the CPU mapping keys to locations in a file to block addresses and doing the appropriate reads on the SSD, you just shoot the key at the SSD and get the data back.

    This does require an update to the NVMe spec, and I'm not sure how redundancy is handled - these days they might just say use two servers.

    Potentially interesting but I'm not sure how much this will improve on what we already have.

  • COBOL turns 60 this month and still works better than Node.js.  (ZDNet)

Disclaimer: Pics and it didn't happen.

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