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Daily News Stuff 5 November 2018

Tech News

  • Nothing.

  • Something!

    Intel announced Cascade Lake, with 48 cores and 12 memory channels on a 5903 pin package.  (Ars Technica)

    They've gone the AMD route with multiple dies on a module.  Most likely each processor is two 24 core chips, since the existing chips support six memory channels.  Cascade Lake servers will be limited to two CPUs where current systems can go as high as eight, because a two CPU system will already be four chips.  Basically it's a current four socket system squished down to two sockets.  (AnandTech)

    AMD retain an advantage here because they use four small, cheap chips on a large expensive package, where Intel are using two large expensive chips on a large expensive package.

    Also purely coincidental that AMD's Next Horizon announcement is scheduled for tomorrow.

Social Media News

  • Blizzard announced a cheap third-party Chinese mobile game as the new instalment of the beloved Diablo series. It went pretty much as you might expect. (WCCFTech)

  • Researchers examine why people tend to seek echo chambers online. And elsewhere.

    The key finding is echo chambers provide local efficiency at the expense of global efficiency. But local efficiency is much easier to measure, so echo chambers look like they work.

    But then Trump gets elected and you have to blame it on Russian bots.

    In the end it might be best to just have many competing echo chambers, so long as the bubbles get regularly popped.  It's only truly harmful when an echo chamber becomes overly dominant or permanent.

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