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If Pascal and Modula-2 were too baroque for your tastes, there was always Oberon.  Actually, I kind of like it.  Better than the plague of curly bracket languages.

Meanwhile I've stripped the design for the A750 prototype down to two chips and a voltage regulator.  And a bunch of resistors.  And some bypass capacitors even though as we all saw yesterday it will work fine without them.  And probably one or two other little items once I finish reading the design guide for the two chips.  And connectors for USB in, USB out, audio out, VGA, and a cough MMC card cough.

The real board will have two external flash chips, a USB hub, Ethernet, two CPLDs, internal and external expansion buses, a console port, audio in, and a board at least four times the size and still be cheaper.  The parts I'm using for the prototype are standalone but significantly more expensive because of that.

Also, I was trying to figure out a way to video-capture the board so I can post YouTube videos.  Without running the VGA into an actual video capture board.

Then I realised that the H750 chip has a camera input right next to the video output, a hardware JPEG codec, and dual SDMMC controllers, all fast enough to keep up with my (relatively) low resolution video.  So I simply feed the digital video signals back into the camera port, turn them into a series of JPEG files at 30 FPS, and write them to a FAT-formatted card.  Which I can then plug into my PC, or read off over USB at a speedy 12 Mbits per second.  And then convert to some real video format.  There must already be code to do that.  Yep.

Disclaimer: The video output connected to the FPGA.  The FPGA connected to the camera port.  The camera port connected to the JPEG codec.  The JPEG codec connected to the SDMMC controller.  The SDMMC controller connected to the USB upstream port.  The USB upstream port connected to the JPG-to-AVI conversion software.  Dem screenshots dem screenshots gonna animate...

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1 " In the new style format, if you use body1 you are actually using body2 (and vice-versa). If you want headline5, you need to use display1. A complete mess."

And then he shows a chart, showing it's even worse than that.  That's just priceless.

Clevo: it's funny reading people in the comments complaining about the compromises necessary to stuff desktop components into a laptop.  Also, I find the idea of shipping a desktop PSU with an adapter just hilarious for some reason.  That should come with the CEO's cell phone number on it so the TSA can call him up when someone carrying one of those tries to bring it on a plane.

Posted by: Rick C at Tuesday, August 06 2019 02:00 AM (Iwkd4)

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