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Daily News Stuff 22 March 2019

Beep Beep I'm A Sheep Edition

Tech News

  • Ryzen motherboards are getting BIOS updates to support the upcoming Ryzen 3000 series chips and as a result new details of the design and configuration are leaking.  (TechPowerup)


    • Infinity Fabric 2 at 100GB/s is twice as fast as Infinity Fabric 1, and that's apparently down to increased clocks and not wider channels.  And that means the latency is potentially halved, which will help mitigate the off-die memory controller.

    • The AM4 dual-die parts will have an IF link between the two dies as well as the necessary link from CPU die to I/O die.  That means 100GB/s between the CPUs in addition to the 100GB/s to the system.

      It's not entirely clear how this will work for Epyc and Threadripper, which can have up to 8 CPU chiplets.  Certainly there won't be 56 separate IF interconnects.  AMD are supporting additional NUMA layouts, so some chiplets will be directly connected, and others will need to hop via the I/O die.  (And in a two-socket system potentially CPU<->I/O<->I/O<->CPU, which is one more hop than the current Naples platform.)

  • Over 100,000 GitHub repos have security keys in them.  (ZDNet)

    This is disturbingly easy to do if you don't follow safe practices at all times.  Git will happily hoover up every single file in your project directory, and many IDEs will do so by default.

  • Julia, a rather nice language for scientific computing, now comes in interpreter flavour.

    This is mainly for interactive development and debugging, but might also make Julia attractive as an alternative to languages like Python and Ruby, sine a fully-supported JIT compiler is just a config flag away.

    There is also a static compiler, though it's an optional package.  If they can get that better supported and integrated it will make the Julia option that much more enticing.

  • Got a bunch of laptops and/or all-in-one dekstops with 5Gbps USB but only 1Gbps Ethernet?  Club 3D has you covered.  (AnandTech)

    They offer Type A and Type C versions delivering 2.5GBASE-T.  The effective throughput of USB 3.0 is only 3.2Gbps, so there's not much reason for going faster.  Also, 2.5GBASE-T works over standard Cat 5e and will probably work over short runs of older Cat 5, so it's a drop-in replacement for gigabit Ethernet.

    Now you just need a switch.  MicroTik, how's that pricing coming along?

  • Google's Stadia game streaming service may run aground on the rocks of reality.  (TechDirt)

  • Intel announced their 9th generation Core i9 H-series chips only they somehow managed to do it without saying what they were.  (Tom's Hardware)

    45W parts with 8 cores, actual specs to arrive eventually.  The Ryzen 2700E is also an 8 core 45W part and came out last September, so Intel is play catch up again.

  • Need 1TB of RAM in your iMac Pro?  Samsung has you covered.  (Serve the Home)

    Not sure if that configuration will actually work, but 256GB LRDIMMs are here.

  • VirtualBox and VMWare have new exploits.  (Bleeping Computer)

    Also Safari.  Updates inbound.

  • If a 1TB NVMe SSD for $100 doesn't do it for you how about 2TB for $200?  (Tech Report)

Social Media News

  • Facebook stored hundreds of millions of passwords in plain text.  (Krebs on Security)

    Don't worry though.  They were only accessible by 20,000 Facebook employees for 7 years who only accessed the data 9 million times.

    The article mentions that GitHub and Twitter have had the same problem: Passwords are stored securely in the authentication database, and encrypted over HTTPS, but if you keep a full log of the request stream on internal servers for operations or debugging, and you don't employ a secure password protocol like SRP then a minor log configuration error can store handily decrypted passwords all over your proxy servers.

    Now, most companies don't employ SRP, but most companies aren't running the single largest website in the world with billions in profits, and most companies don't have this sort of problem sitting undetected for seven years.

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(Dirty Pair: Project Eden is on YouTube; unsurprisingly it's blocked in the US and Canada.)

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1 One cannot help but to direct one to to Brickmuppet's place for the not-sequel to "Beep Beep I'm A Sheep," lovingly entitled "Beep Beep I'm A Sheep Ship."

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2 Yes, that's what led me to search out the original.

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