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Daily News Stuff 16 July 2018

Tech News

  • If you have two Dell Inspiron 7775s and cross link them via HDMI and configure one of them to use Radeon EyeFinity and then switch the other one to show internal video again, well, just don't do that.

    Normal Windows multi-display support seems to work just fine.  (Typing on Rally as a second screen for Tohru right now.)

  • Nvidia's Jepson embedded AI board supports PCIe 4.0 - and also 56 Gbps serdes.

    PCIe 1.0 was 2.5 Gbps, 2.0 was 5 Gbps, 3.0 is 8 Gbps but uses more efficient encoding, so it's very close to double the speed of 2.0.  PCIe 4.0 is 16 Gbps, and 5.0 will be 32 Gbps.  A lot of attention recently has been on 56 and 112 Gbps signalling, so this is set to continue for a while yet.  (WCCFTech)

  • Serverless is the big new buzzword for people who don't need to write real software.  Now you can serverless in QBasic.  (via Hacker News)

  • How will AMD's upcoming 32-core Threadripper CPU perform?  Well, we can get a good idea by overclocking AMD's existing 32-core EPYC CPUs.  The Threadripper will be Zen+ rather than Zen, so it will benefit from a faster cache and 12nm fabrication, but the core design and interconnect is identical.  32 cores at 4GHz, albeit with an external chiller similar to Intel's Computex demo.  Threadripper 2 will run on air cooling...  With a heatsink the size of a shoebox.  (via Reddit)

Picture of the Day

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1 The comments, well, some of them, are worth reading for a change.
Hold on AMD allows overclocking on SERVER CPUS???´╗┐  No grin Pretty sure they won't be happy´╗┐

Posted by: Rick C at Tuesday, July 17 2018 01:09 AM (Q/JG2)

2 Derp.  That "no..." was a reply.

Posted by: Rick C at Tuesday, July 17 2018 01:09 AM (Q/JG2)

3 I think your serverless qbasic wanna-be-has-been might be shocked SHOCKED to find out the the cloud is basically just someone else's servers.

Posted by: Kurt Duncan at Wednesday, July 18 2018 04:08 AM (mEm0n)

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