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Train to the End of the World

I'm not sure what I was expecting but it wasn't this.

End of episode one, and the gang is off to Iscandar Ikebukuro to save the world uh, no, that part was correct.

Some gorgeous animation, great music, strong voice acting, and I somehow think someone on the production staff likes trains.

Disclaimer: Google, Google, you can't hide!
You're accused of genocide!
Google, Google, you can't fire us!
No-one else would ever hire us!

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1 I don't give Google any credit at all for those firings. In a way, it's actually a BAD sign. If those idiots had staged a sit-in on the freeways, or at somebody else's business, they'd still have jobs. This just shows that the google executives are still woke, but also thin-skinned tyrants willing to lash out when it's themselves being inconvenienced.

Posted by: David Eastman at Friday, April 19 2024 01:53 AM (rmrII)

2 If they act in their own interests, that's a sign of rationality.  It's the self-destructive behaviour that worries me most.

It's not much - it's hardly anything - but still better than nothing.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Friday, April 19 2024 07:53 AM (PiXy!)

3 Google fired them because they were getting in the way of a money making deal. Not out of anti-wokeness.

Posted by: Mauser at Friday, April 19 2024 09:44 AM (nk1Z+)

4 I've liked the Train show so far. The Gal is especially cute.

Gatan Gatan is clearly onomatopoeia for the train running across rail joints. Yeah, the train and tracks are CGI, but that's sensible for machinery. And yeah, the "Series 2000" is clearly some railfan's wet dream.

Posted by: Mauser at Friday, April 19 2024 09:49 AM (nk1Z+)

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