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  • Grok keeps making up news stories.  (Ars Technica)

    So does the entire mainstream media - and the tech media including Ars Technica - but nobody mentions that.

    That said, they're not wrong.  I've pointed this out on Twitter myself.  In one case it decided six victims in a murder spree weren't enough and added another nine.

  • Testing Intel's Core i5-14400 low-mid-range CPU.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Personally I'd spend the extra few dollars to move up to the 14500 - which has four extra E cores - but for many people it won't make any difference and you might as well save the money.

    It's, well, it's fine.  And it runs fine with cheaper DDR4 memory, not just with DDR5.  And when I say fine, I mean spectacularly fast compared to anything even a few years old no matter how expensive.

    If you're aiming at gaming performance (and don't already have an Intel motherboard) it's worth paying another $20 for AMD's Ryzen 5700X3D.  It also uses cheaper DDR4 RAM and the performance boost is around 30%.

  • What would happen if a USB cable company built a NAS?  (Kickstarter)

    In the case of the UGREEN NASync, the answer is...  It's really good.

    The software (a fork of Debian) is still in development, but if you just want your NAS to be a NAS, it just works.

    You can install your own operating system, but it's currently not easy.  And you might need one of the higher end models that have a separate - removable - SSD for the operating system.

Disclaimer: The distance from Agano station to Ikebukuro is 58.9km.  Agano Station itself is the terminus for the Seibu Ikebukuro line and the Seibu Chichibu extension line.  The distance from Agano Station to Higashi-Agano, the next station inwards on the line towards Ikebukuro, is 5.1km and can be walked in about an hour.

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