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First Rule Of Rules Edition

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  • The Biden Administration is set to unveil a "sweeping" executive order on AI next week.  (Washington Post)  (archive site)

    As an executive order, it can only affect the federal government, and the problem I see is that the order is unlikely to go far enough in curbing government use of AI bullshit.

  • In which academics reap what they have sown.  (The Verge)

    The story tries to pin the blame on conservatives, even though nobody in the story is to the right of Mao.  A typical AWFL college student goes off the deep end and files Title IX complaints - and this is her mistake - against every lecturer she ever had contact with.

    No.   Single out the weakest animal from the pack and take it down.  If you charge in they're going to see you coming and stomp you.

  • Boeing has now lost more than $2 billion - which used to be a lot - on two new Air Force jets.  (CNN)

    As in, two planes, not two new jet fighter programs.

    Air Force One A and One B - I guess - were supposed to total $3.9 billion.  Since the contract was signed during the Trump Administration, it's fixed-price, not cost-plus, so Boeing gets to eat the loss.

    Which of course means that they pass that loss on to customers, rather than the government passing the overrun on to taxpayers in the more traditional way.

  • Where ae all the laid-off workers from Big Tech going?  (Dev Interrupted)

    They're writing RPG IV for Mutual of Omaha.

    I mean, not all of them, but there were a lot of boring companies that actually do stuff that were looking for programmers, and if you move from California to Nebraska you can take a hell of a pay cut and still have more left over at the end of the month.

  • Team's Cardea Z540 is a 12GBps PCIe 5 SSD.  (Tom's Hardware)

    While PCIe 5 is in the "I still don't need it" category, it's only about twice the price of PCIe 3 storage and more than three times as fast.  It might even make a noticeable difference in some things.


Disclaimer: To be, or not to be...  Yeah, not to be, that's the ticket.

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1 "It might even make a noticeable difference in some things."

Like your room temperature.

Incidentally, I tried to copy that text, and "Copy" was grayed out on the context menu.  I had to manually type it, like an animal.  Never seen that before.  Don't know if it's Firefox being stupid or what.

Posted by: Rick C at Thursday, October 26 2023 11:43 PM (BMUHC)

2 "boring companies that actually do stuff"

Oh-ho!  And now we see the bias and prejudice of someone who doesn't have a job chomping through venture capital like it's a fat crocodile and you're an angry hippo mother.  Like it's actually more work to produce a product that someone wants to buy than it is so steal a few hundred million worth of customer funds and fly to the Bahamas every week to make it seem like you needed to expense that fur coat with a dildo sewn in the lining.

Posted by: normal at Friday, October 27 2023 08:08 AM (obo9H)

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