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Daily News Stuff 24 January 2023

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  • Storaxa is a NAS/router/WiFi access point/VM host/media server/thingy.  (Liliputing)

    It has five 3.5" drive bays and four M.2 slots for storage, plus another M.2 slot for the boot device.  Four 2.5Gb Ethernet ports, WiFi 6E, four 10Gb USB ports (plus another two USB 2.0), and HDMI and DisplayPort for video out.  It runs Proxmox VE to provide virtual servers, and TrueNAS and OpenWRT - which is exactly what I'd use if I were doing this myself.

    CPU in the base model ($399) is an Intel Atom N6005, but for about $80 more you can upgrade to a Ryzen 5800U which provides dramatically faster, well, everything basically.

    All in a neat little box - 7x8x10".

    What's the catch?  First, it doesn't actually exist yet, it's a Kickstarter project.  Second, like most interesting and reasonably priced devices, it's made by a small Chinese company you've never heard of.

Tech News

Hololive-Related Thingy of the Day

Holocure 0.5 is due out February 10, bringing with it new maps, new music, and all of JP Gen 1 and Gen 2 as playable characters.  I was a bit confused why there were only nine new characters shown, but then remembered that Fubuki was included with Hololive Gamers in the 0.4 update, and she was a Gen 1 member before she created Gamers.

The game is mostly notable because it's loaded with little nods to Hololive fans - like the fact that you can pet Amelia Watson's real-life dog Bubba - but it's free and it's more fun than a lot of the stuff that sells for $70 plus day one DLC.

I played a lot of Holocure last year when I was travelling all the time and didn't have a computer at hand that could even handle Minecraft competently.  Don't regret it.

Disclaimer: The catch is, there is no catch.

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