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Daily News Stuff 21 November 2023

You Don't Hate Journalists Enough Edition

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  • Elon Musk went nuclear on Media Matters.  (Tech Crunch)

    The article tries do pretend this didn't happen, because as the saying goes You don't hate journalists enough.  You think you do, but you don't.

    Media Matters ran a shock exposé showing that Twitter ran ads against extremist content, leading to a flight of major advertisers.

    The only problem is, Twitter was watching while they did this.

    What they did was create a new account and:

    1. Follow every Nazi meme account they could found (which was not many).
    2. Follow the major advertising brands they wanted to scare away from Twitter.
    3. Sit there hitting refresh over and over until they got the screenshot they wanted.

    Only problem with that is that Twitter logged everything they did and can show that the only account in the world that saw those ads on those tweets was Media Matters, because they spent an entire day setting things up to get that result.

    Does Tech Crunch tell you that?  No.

    Does The Register tell you that?  No.

    Does Ars Technica tell you that?  No.

    They're all-in on censorship.

  • Oh, and the Texas Attorney General has announced a criminal investigation into Media Matters conduct.  (MSN)

    You don't hate journalists enough - but maybe Ken Paxton does.

Tech News

Disclaimer: I'm not sure I ever did care, to be honest.

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1 Just saw a video where someone compares the list of companies that pulled their ads from X over the Media Matters hit job and a list of CEO's who paid $40K to have dinner with Chairman Xi.

Posted by: Mauser at Wednesday, November 22 2023 11:51 AM (sZ6tC)

2 "They're the same picture."

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Wednesday, November 22 2023 05:21 PM (PiXy!)

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