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Daily News Stuff 28 November 2022

Refrigerised Edition

Top Story

  • Private data for 5.4 million Twitter users has been leaked online.  (Bleeping Computer)

    Twitter had a bug - fixed back in January - that let you look up a phone number or email address and get the corresponding account, if one existed.  Patient hackers crawled their way through millions of numbers and addresses - probably stolen from somewhere else - to match them up, and then offered it all up for sale for $30k.

    Now it's apparently available for free.

Tech News

  • The CBC tried to get Libs of TikTok banned from Shopify (it's a Canadian company).

    The CEO told them, very politely - he's Canadian - to shove it.

    And then blocked them.

  • When they said the compiler could make monkeys fly out of your butt, they meant it.  (PKH)

    Integer overflow in C is undefined behaviour.  That means that if you put a check in your code to catch that a value has overflowed and fix the problem, the compiler is entirely within the C standard if it removes your check and then crashes when the value overflows.

    Use a real language.

Disclaimer: Today is Cyber Monday, the day when we all gather together and eat roasted cybers, a type of eggplant.  Nobody knows why we do this.  Tastes vile.

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1 Ah, yes, the curse of undefined behavior and optimizing compilers.  IIRC gcc has options to warn you when it's likely to do that to you.

Posted by: Rick C at Tuesday, November 29 2022 10:08 AM (kbV78)

2 My compiler won't hold my hand.
I am failing.
This is the compiler's fault.

Posted by: normal at Tuesday, November 29 2022 10:46 AM (obo9H)

3 Just declare the variable volatile!

Posted by: Rick C at Tuesday, November 29 2022 12:40 PM (BMUHC)

4 Your code now runs 40x slower - but it runs!

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Tuesday, November 29 2022 12:49 PM (PiXy!)

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