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Daily News Stuff 27 April 2024

Final Precipitate Edition

Top Story

  • DOS 4 is now open source.  (Hanselman)

    I never owned a DOS PC, but I know that DOS 4 was the one everyone hated.

    Anyway, you can now download it yourself.  Warning: It does uses as much as 92k of RAM.

Tech News

  • 90% of Java services have critical or severe security vulnerabilities...  (JVM Weekly)

    ... Or security reporting is a pile of crap.

    This article explains why it's mostly the latter.  Not entirely, but mostly.

  • A long-dead worm is still active on at least 2.5 million PCs worldwide.  (Ars Technica)

    The worm, created by China, was tied to a single specific IP address as its command-and-control hub.

    For reasons that remain unclear, whatever server was originally attached to that IP address was shut down.  So security researchers bought the address, granting them complete control over every one of the infected systems.

    All they are doing so far is watching.

    All they are doing so far.

  • China's annoying little brother North Korea is targeting developers with fake job interviews that involve downloading and running malware.  (Bleeping Computer)


  • Leaving Rust game development.  (Loglog)

    When you point out that a building is on fire, and the universal response is "That sounds like a you problem", it's time to get out of Dodge.

    Not that Rust is bad.  Just that the people creating Rust are.

  • The Second Circuit has upheld a New York law forcing ISPs to offer 25mbps broadband for $15.  (Ars Technica)

    Cut the entire state off from the internet and let them eat each other.

  • Columbia has a Nazi problem.  (The Verge)
    "Why didn't anyone tell us that genocide had consequences", cried sophomore Adolfia Hertler.  "We're not hurting anyone, we just want to kill Jews."
    Well, the article doesn't actually say that, but it should.

  • Apple stopped increasing the base RAM in its desktop systems...  In 2012.  (WCCFTech)

    Back then, of course, you could upgrade the memory yourself.

    This is no longer the case, and Apple charges ten times retail price for its own upgrades.

  • TSMC is bringing optical interconnect to multi-chip modules starting next year.  (AnandTech)

    The first version will run at 1.6 terabits per second - 200 gigabytes per second, or about three times the speed of a full-size PCIe 5 slot - and will increase to 6.4 terabits per second the following year.

  • Swapped out the 2TB Team MP44 I bought for my new laptop with a Samsung 970 Evo Plus (also 2TB) and Windows installed without complaints, though I had to do it twice to get rid of the forced Microsoft sign-in.

    In theory the MP44 is a better drive - it's PCIe 4.0 rather than 3.0 and offers twice the read and write transfer rates of the 970, though that doesn't actually matter in this case because this laptop only has PCIe 3.0, and I only bought it with future reuse in mind - but while the laptop recognises and formats the drive, any attempt to install Windows dies in the first few seconds.

    I corralled all my old laptops while I was doing this setup, and one of them has a 4TB SSD because I happened to have a spare one back in 2022.  Since the new laptop is much faster and has much more RAM, I might pull that drive out and put it into the new laptop.  Which means, yay, reinstalling Windows on both of them.

  • All my Hololive plushies have arrived: The CouncilRyS BEEGsmol ones designed by Sana, and the re-issues of the Myth plushies and Myth mascot plushies.

    These came in two small boxes and one enormous one.  I thought they'd messed up my order.


    The Myth and BEEGsmol plushies are about the size of your hand.  The mascot plushies are the size (and approximate shape) of a basketball.

  • Also found my Pi 5 while I was sweeping the house for computer components.

    At least least I didn't misplace my Pi Pico; I would never have found it again.

    And I found a USB Blu-Ray drive I didn't know I had.  Apparently I bought the exact same model twice, because I have two identical drives still in their boxes.

Disclaimer: Which is 8,695,652 copies of DOS 4 per second, which should be enough for anybody.

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