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Break Brakes In Case Of Car Edition

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  • Understanding Stein's paradox.  (Joe Antognini)

    Well, that didn't work.

  • Why RAG won't solve generative AI's hallucination problem.  (Tech Crunch)
    Because models have no real intelligence and are simply predicting words, images, speech, music and other data according to a private schema, they sometimes get it wrong. Very wrong.
    What RAG does is tell the AI to look the damn answer up instead of making it up.

    For which the AI is entirely unnecessary.

  • 4060 Ti or 7700 XT?  (Tom's Hardware)

    Following price cuts from both Nvidia and AMD, the judges award this round to the 7700 XT.  In fact, I've seen the 7700 XT (which has 12GB of RAM) selling for less than even the 8GB model of the 4060 Ti, making the choice easy.

  • Setting up computers all over the place, including a new Linux server at home running Ubuntu 24.04.

    Dug out the spare Dell laptop that had the spare 4TB SSD in it, and that has now been moved over to the new Asus laptop.  The Dell itself doesn't seem to have survived the move - or didn't survive sitting idle for two years.  Either way.

    That frees up 32GB of RAM and a 2TB SSD for a second Linux server.

    The Linux servers will be called Voms and Versen.  The Asus laptop is Maomao.

    I still need to come up with names for the two main Dell laptops.  They were originally going to be Sana and Pomu, but both of them have now granulated.

Disclaimer: The Team MP44 is awarded a rating of "sucks", after failing completely under both Windows and Linux.

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1 Man, I hope there's a LONG parts supply chain for my 2019 Impreza then.
Wonder how long before they totally ban manual transmissions....

Posted by: Mauser at Monday, May 06 2024 06:57 AM (nk1Z+)

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