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Daily News Stuff 2 September 2021

Farting In Your General Direction Edition

Top Story

  • Amazon is trying to block Starlink at the FCC because Amazon sucks, says Starlink. (Ars Technica)

    While these statements are self-serving on the part of Starlink, they are nonetheless accurate.  Starlink is active now with 100,000 Beta customers and 1700 satellites, where Amazon's competing Kuiper service has yet to launch anything whatsoever.

    Amazon has not had a single meeting with the FCC this year about issues raised with its own planned service, but has found time to have fifteen meetings to complain about Starlink.

Tech News

  • Cloudflare has ditched Intel for AMD. (The Register)

    Cloudflare runs a lot of servers - not Facebook or Amazon scale, but they act as a gateway for a scary percentage of the web.  They evaluated the latest server chips from Intel and AMD and say that while Intel can now compete in performance, they use much more power to do so - several hundred watts more per server.

    When you have to budget power for 200 datacenters, it starts to add up.

  • AWS AP-NORTHEAST-1 fell over. (The Register)

    That's one of the Amazon datacenters serving minor cities of little global import, like...  Tokyo.

    I think they need to invest in some Tandem Nonstops.

  • Professor Plum in the EVGA factory with the lead-free solder. (Tom's Hardware)

    Amazon's game New World was not directly responsible for killing RTX 3090s, though it does push graphics cards pretty hard.  It was dodgy solder work on the initial run of cards from the factory, so if you were lucky enough to get one before the price shot up, karma circled back to pay you a visit.

  • A California judge has ruled that UC Berkeley must conduct an environmental impact study on its own students. (Slate)

    Satire is alive and well but has been taken over by the government.

King Cover of the Day

Don't have time for an anime of the day, but this King cover by Gura and Calli from Hololive English is a fun little song.  They have very different personalities but they work together really well.

I've been watching some of HoloCouncil the past couple of weeks - haven't been able to keep up because there's now 11 HoloEN members, and 6 Nijisanji EN, and 9 PRISM, and then Cyberlive turns out to actually be good and there's Phase Connect which I've hardly seen at all, and Vyolfers and Mooyu and Nymroot (who I collectively call VMN).

But I did enjoy Sana's Banana Galaxy stream, where she asked the eternal question, What if I collide Spica into Earth at the speed of light?

Also asked - and answered - What if you combined Steve Irwin and Carl Sagan, only you got a dark-skinned busty blonde chick?

Meanwhile Fubuki has flipped out and decided to launch an impromptu HoloJP Gen 6, featuring herself.  As the only member of two generations (Gen 1 and Gamers) I guess she's the perfect candidate.

This post was removed.

That's the official Hololive account, so it's all real.

Update: Aaand it's gone.  The whole thing, the stream, the official Hololive post, everything.  Leaving only an anime trailer behind.

Disclaimer: Not the bees!

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1 "Enrolling more students at one of America’s best public universities might be bad for the environment."
Caution--assumes facts not in evidence.  Had Slate called it "one of America's best indoctrination centers" they'd have been more correct.

Posted by: Rick C at Thursday, September 02 2021 11:26 PM (eqaFC)

2 1Now one can get all apps for free from

Posted by: Mike at Sunday, September 05 2021 11:32 PM (t/ABc)

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