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Daily News Stuff 9 December 2020

Et Tu Woolworths Edition

Tech News

  • Somehow work managed to schedule my day starting with an 8:30 AM meeting and running right through to a 9 PM site deployment with an 11 PM finish.  So a quick News Stuff tonight, and I'll check on any comments tomorrow.

    Fortunately the deployment actually seems to have worked, because I ain't gonna try to fix it.  (I do have a switch to roll the whole thing back in three seconds flat.)

    Update: Mostly worked.  "Thank you for your feedback.  Please try pressing Shift-F5, or on a Mac, Command-Shift-R, and let us know if that helps."

  • On the other hand, Woolworths lost half my frozen stuff for the third time in four weeks.  The one time there wasn't a bunch of stuff missing, there was a bunch of stuff out of stock, but at least that time they gave me substitutes for most of it.

    On the third hand, these new gluten-free chocolate/chocolate-chip mini muffins are going to be my doom.

  • ASRock has two new graphics cards: One that fits in an M.2 slot (with a cable to the backplate) and one that definitely does not  (Tom's Hardware)

    Whether you want the tiny VGA-only card with 16MB of RAM or the 6900XT with 16GB, pricing is not available at this time.

  • Shuttle has a new barebone system that looks like - and is exactly the size of - a half-height optical drive.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Up to a 10 core Intel CPU, 64GB RAM, one M.2 and one 2.5" drive, HDMI, dual DisplayPort, dual GbE, eight USB ports, and two serial ports.

  • Do not use a message queue as your transactional database.  (Materialize)

    You can get away with the converse, at least on a small scale.  I've done that with Mana - everything - database, cache, message queue, search engine - gets shoved into MySQL, or rather MariaDB, because I don't have time to manage multiple databases for a side project.  Maybe I could put the cache into a memory table.  I should check on that.

  • CentOS 8 is EOL effective December 2021.  (Phoronix)

    CentOS 7 will continue to be supported through 2024.

    I already jumped ship to Ubuntu because CentOS 8 took so damn long to ship, and they're not giving me any reason to regret that decision.

  • Apple's new AirPods Max are...  Headphones.  (

    $549 headphones.

    Available in grey, also grey, blue, green, and pink.

    Includes a volume knob with approximately 97 functions jammed into it.

  • Phoenix Down: YouTube just banned Kiara, one of the HololiveEN girls.  (Reddit)

    750,000 570,000 subscribers?  Don't care.

    Pulling in close to $100k a month in superchats?  Don't care.

    Never had a single strike?  Don't care.

    Nicest person you could imagine short of Ina, who is so sweet she might be made entirely of sugar?  Don't care.

    The Algorithm has spoken.

    She'll most likely be back in a day or two, but honestly, what the fuck are those idiots at Google doing?  FLAG MAJOR CHANNELS FOR HUMAN REVIEW.  YOUR ALGORITHMS ARE SHIT.

    Update: When life gives you chickens, make a fast food franchise.

It Was A Vegan Meatlovers Tweet / Animated GIF With Sound of the Day

Disclaimer: Yes, we have no bananas.  We have no bananas...  Well, actually, we do have bananas, but we left them on the truck.  Again.

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1 Mentally ill people create an AI.  AI behaves like it's mentally ill.  I mean, it might not be working the way anyone wants, but it's certainly not unexpected.

Posted by: normal at Thursday, December 10 2020 12:52 AM (LADmw)

2 was there a reason why Kiara was banned to begin with? I've never watched her, don't know anything about the situation except they're all game streamers, so I thought I'd ask.
Or is the acclimitizing us to all these petty oppressions on a random basis part of the program?

Posted by: Phil Fraering at Thursday, December 10 2020 01:15 AM (Clxcy)

Google's entire business model seems to revolve around not letting people get involved.

Posted by: Rick C at Thursday, December 10 2020 03:49 AM (eqaFC)

4 That Shuttle system sounds really interesting if you don't need gaming, or play games that don't need much GPU power, like WoW or whatever.

Posted by: Rick C at Thursday, December 10 2020 03:51 AM (eqaFC)

5 "Google's entire business model seems to revolve around not letting people get involved." Google's entire business model revolves around letting diseased SJWs hand moderate everything and then lying about it under oath.  Although I'll agree that diseased SJWs are not actually people.

Posted by: normal at Thursday, December 10 2020 06:14 AM (LADmw)

6 The vast majority of videos make Youtube a pittance. The moment a human has to answer an e-mail about them, they've spent more on that person's salary than they made off hosting the video to begin with. So naturally they want to rely on their automated systems as much as possible. Arguing with WeedGod420XxX about whether reposting Dragon Ball Z episodes is copyright infringement is not going to make them any revenue.

But these guys aren't z-list; they're generating actual revenue, -significant- actual revenue. You'd think YT would have some kind of internal system that at least -checked- "hey, this account is associated with a company that clears us a million bucks a month from chat revenue, we shouldn't hit the big red lever without executive review!"

If YT becomes difficult enough to work with, there's enough revenue behind Cover at this point to work up a different delivery system - and the kind of person who will simp for twenty bucks to send a text to an animated dog-girl is the kind of person who will follow her to a new website too. You'd think Google would understand, for example, how Steam went from "we're doing this for one Half-Life game" to "the default channel via which most PC games are distriubted" and take notice.

That said, there's something tactically useful to say regarding the "random" idea. It's probably good from Google's perspective to have at least a little reputation for "oops" in this department, because sometimes they DO take something down for their own internal political reasons, and if they're only doing that, the chance that doing so will generate some really expensive litigation goes up a lot. But if they have a reputation for randomly derping on the topic, then a lot of people who are affected will shrug and say "well, YT gonna derp" without delving into it...

Posted by: Avatar_exADV at Thursday, December 10 2020 08:56 AM (v29Tn)

7 YouTube has announced they're deleting all videos that claim there was anything wrong with the election now too.

Posted by: Mauser at Thursday, December 10 2020 01:59 PM (Ix1l6)

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