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Daily News Stuff 7 June 2020

Incompatible Compatibilities Edition

Tech News

  • The Brave little weasel.  (David Gerard)

    The point of the Brave browser is that you can't trust Google, because it is increasingly controlled by anarcho-communist lunatics.

    Brave is silently inserting affiliate codes into URLs for distributed finance sites.  They think this is acceptable behaviour.  They think that doing it without telling users is acceptable behaviour.

    That seems to leave no reason at all to use Brave.

  • Google meanwhile is cross with you for using Edge.  (ZDNet)

    And Microsoft hasn't been taken over by the Brain Eater just yet.

  • Or you could build your own.  (GitHub)

    Ungoogled Chromium is Chromium - the browser underlying Chrome, Edge, Brave, and Opera - without any Google bits at all.

  • The perfect developer machine is Linux says a Microsoft developer.  (Partly Cloudy)

    No, wait, come back!  Linux on Windows!  Linux on Windows!

    Specifically WSL2.

  • Which you can't get, because your machine isn't ready for it.  (Tech Report)

    Yes, it's totally your computer, which is working just fine, that is the problem, and not the Windows 2004 update.

    Also, Windows 2004 sounds like something that government departments would be paying big bucks for extended support on.  Technically it's the Windows 10 2004 update.

  • Electronic Arts did something good?  (Tech Report)

    The Command & Conquer Remastered Collection is out on Steam for US$19.95 / A$29.95.

    This includes Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert, all expansion packs, the console-only missions, remastered video and music, some re-recorded audio by the original actress, all graphics redone at 4K resolution, and a rewritten multi-player system that apparently still needs some work.

    Oh, and source code.  (GitHub)

    The code - but not the art, video, or music assets - of the original versions has been released under GPL.

  • Building the worst perfect website in the world.  (Matuzo)

    Google's Lighthouse scans your web page and scores it for performance, accessibility, industry best practices, and SEO friendliness.  Here the author methodically created a site that fails utterly in all respects and yet receives a perfect score in every category.

    This is not a pointless project, so long as the Lighthouse team are paying attention.  This is actually from last year, so I wonder if it still gets that perfect score.

    Turns out...  Yes.  Yes it does.

  • Why can't we have better integrated graphics?  (Tom's Hardware)

    1. Memory bandwidth.
    2. Power and heat.
    3. Price.

    Probably in that order.  The current and new generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft have integrated graphics, but their thermals are not conducive to laptop design.  The Xbox Xeriex X case design is basically a wind tunnel.

  • Writing a Basic compiler in Python.  (UTK)

    I haven't actually tried it yet, but the code and explanations are clear, and it doesn't rely on any external libraries or tools.  The first two parts of the series are up now, covering the lexer and parser.  They were posted a month apart, so the code generator probably won't appear for a few weeks yet,

  • Where late the sweet Golden Gate Bridge sang.  (KQED)

    This was apparently intentional, just dumb.

Disclaimer: I think engineering professors need a stamp like the late Justice Scalia's.  "Intentional but dumb."

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1 You can apparently hear the sound from miles away.  How insane.

Posted by: Rick C at Monday, June 08 2020 08:03 AM (Iwkd4)

2 I love the idea of the Giant Wheezing Orange Kazoo, but here in Duckford we'd be constantly diving for the storm cellars.

Posted by: Wonderduck at Monday, June 08 2020 11:59 AM (R3RCK)

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