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Daily News Stuff 5 August 2020

While Following An Invisible Cat I Was Run Over By A Truck Which Was Also On Fire And Now I'm A Ministry Of Agriculture Veterinarian In A World Where All The Animals Can Talk Edition

Tech News

  • Apple has released new iMacs.  (Tom's Hardware)

    They're 10th generation Intel models of the existing hardware, and they're not exactly cheap, with a fully-configured 27" system running to A$13,748.

    That does include an 8TB SSD, but since you can't upgrade the storage, you kind of have to.

  • Speaking of storage, Intel's 665p is gone.  (Tom's Hardware)

    The 660p gave decent performance (thanks to a large SLC cache) at an excellent price.  The 665p never came down to the same price, or even very close, so while it was slightly faster it was never an attractive purchase and I don't think it sold well.

  • Luau is Lua with types.  (GitHub)

    Lua is good.  Types are good.  I approve.  From the people behind Roblox.

  • The average load time for web pages is a universal constant.  (NNGroup)

    It doesn't matter how fast you make the server, the client, or the connection between them, because the controlling factor is whether the user is willing to wait. 

    Pixy's First Law of Load Times: Web pages expand to fill user patience.

  • SpaceX launched a grain silo.  (Ars Technica)

    Well, it's supposedly a Starship with just one engine and without the external skin or control surfaces, but it looks like a grain silo.

    Because of the layout the engine array will take in the final version, the one engine is off-center, and the software needs to dynamically control for that to keep the ship on course.

    It took off and landed without a hitch, so it seems that part works.

  • Samsung is launching a bunch of stuff today too, though most of it will not reach orbit.  (ZDNet)

    The roundup is expected to include the Note 20 and the new Fold device.

Disclaimer: Just imagine it, chatting with a griff in griffonese.

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1 Apple Releases First Intel Macs Since Beginning Arm Transition What a delightfully stupid headline.

Posted by: normal at Thursday, August 06 2020 12:08 AM (LADmw)

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