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Daily News Stuff 18 December 2020

Attack of the Zombie Cabbage Edition

Tech News

  • Gigabyte has a Threadripper Pro motherboard.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Threadripper Pro fixes the three issues with Threadripper for really high-end workstations: It enables all eight memory channels, supports registered memory, and has the full 128 PCIe lanes.

    While there's not a lot of detail yet, the picture shows that the motherboard has seven PCIe x16 slots and supports IPMI for remote management.  Four Ethernet ports - looks like two 10Gb and two 1Gb, four USB ports, what looks like VGA, serial, and HDMI for management, and a full block of six audio connectors which is somewhat unusual for a server board.

    AMD's Pro parts are only available to OEMs, but the existence of this board may indicate that smaller system builders will be getting access to Threadripper Pro.

  • The new Ampere Altra Arm server processor competes well with even a 64 core Epyc.  (AnandTech)

    It takes 80 cores to match a 64 core Epyc, but then it has 80 cores and Epyc only has 64, so that's a fair test.

    It doesn't do as well in Java as it does in C and  Fortran, losing those specific test by a large margin, but overall it's a sign of real competition.

  • MacOS Bug Sir has a bug that prevents updates to less buggy versions.  (MicroMDM)

    Nice one, Apple.  At least they can fix it in a future...  Oh.

  • Twitter has apparently cut of web access to tweets.

    That embed is done by loading a bunch of Javascript.  If you access the URL via a tool such as curl, or your own code making an HTTP request, you simply get an error page.

  • How to avoid getting bankrupted by cloud hosting bills.  (Bahr)

    Step 1: Use fixed-price cloud hosting.

    That's the one thing you need to do, and the one thing the article doesn't ever mention.

  • Google has been sued by 38 US states over antitrust violations.  (Bloomberg)

    This is not a repeat story.  This is the third such lawsuit targeting Google over various breaches of anti-monopoly laws this month.

  • Unfortunately after three days the cows explode.  (ABC)

    Adding a specific type of seaweed to the diet of cattle - just mixing a small amount in with their feed - reduces methane emissions by a factor of 1000, apparently by derailing one specific metabolic process in gut bacteria.

    Not sure what other effects that would have.  Cows don't need methane to function, but they do need those bacteria.

  • Sony has pulled Cyberpunk 2077 from the Playstation Store and is offering refunds.  (The Verge)

    The game runs fine on the Playstation 5.

    You can't get a Playstation 5.

    And on the Playstation 4, it kind of sucks.

Haachamachama Video of the Day

In fact, the video isn't even up yet, I'm just inflicting the thumbnail upon you.

Haachama is back in Japan and planning to live collab with other Hololive members.  That will be, um, interesting.

Disclaimer: Goggomobile.  G-o-g-g-o.

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