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Daily News Stuff 14 June 2020

Virus Nazi Edition

Tech News

  • Only 40 hours to grab your $5 bundle of goodies.  (

    Latest things I've found in the bundle are Pyre, a party-based RPG from the creators of Bastion and Transistor, and Kenney Game Assets, a collection of 20,000 art assets for games under a CC0 license.  (Which means you can use the art in any project, distributed however you want - you just can't prevent other people from using it in their own projects.)

    That 20,000 isn't an overcount either - while the assets are presented in multiple formats (PNG, SVG, and spritesheets) the SVG and spritesheet files each collect dozens of individual assets, so there really are close to 20,000 individual tiles, sprites, icons, and so on.
    One example of the icon sets in Kenney Pack One.

    There are two more asset packs: Two and Three, containing 15,000 and 18,000 items respectively, and which I just bought at full price.

    Full price being $9.95 each, which is a crazy bargain anyway.

    The only problem - if you want to call it that - is that each collection contains dozens of sets of sprites, each with its own theme and art style.  If the whole collection of 50,000+ items was all one unified theme it would be amazing - for the one particular style of game it was aimed at.

    You could produce a single game using all the art assets in these three sets, but it would be rather eclectic.

  • Another cool item in the bundle is Pico-8, described as a "fantasy console".  (Lexaloffle)

    That is, it's an emulator for an imaginary 8-bit console.  128x128 graphics in 16 colours, 32KB cartridges, and a programming language that...  Looks much better than pretty much anything that's available in the real world.

    Oh, it's Lua.  It is much better than pretty much anything that's available in the real world.

    The creator is now working on a second imaginary console called Voxatron

    This is in alpha right now and isn't included in the bundle.  It renders games as 128x128x64 voxels, so the same resolution as the Pico-8 but 3D.

    It really works too.

  • No Computex for you!  (AnandTech)

    Well, there will be Computex.  June 1.  Next year.

  • Windows networking has decided to go stupid on me.  No idea why.  Rebooting seemed to have resolved it but it came back again.  Yes, I got an update recently, but it started happening before the update, and persisted after it.

  • Filed under No Shit, Sherlock.  (Tom's Hardware)

    You can't sell Hackintoshes.  Apple doesn't seem to go after people who build them, though they don't make it easy.  But you can't sell them.

  • Just because.

  • How to grow your project from 0 to 13,000 dependencies.  (Pragmatic Pineapple)

    Step One: Use React.
    Step Two: No, that's basically it.

  • Google is removing URLs from the URL bar.  (Android Police)

    Apparently they confuse users and make the browser look "untidy".

  • GitHub has adopted 1984 as an in-house style guide.  (ZDNet)

    Maybe you don't need to use the terms master and slave, particularly since replication has largely given way to clusters with more complicated architectures.  But people are now going after the use of male and female for connectors - people who have apparently never seen a 1/4" phone jack.

  • Filed under Well, No-one's Stopping You.  (Wired)

    The internet needs a more decentralised, user-focused architecture?  I agree.  Go ahead.

Disclaimer: If you were to build a little game using 53,000 CC0 art assets, what would you build it in?  I looked up Blitz Basic, and that's been replaced by Monkey X, which has been replaced by Monkey 2, which has been open-sourced (great!) but hasn't been updated for two years (less great).  Crystal + SFML?  Oh, wait, someone has picked up Monkey X, forked it, and is actively maintaining it.  Last release was a month ago.  Worth a look.

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