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Daily News Stuff 27 June 2019

Paging Eric Blair Edition

Tech News

  • Well, so much for the New Internet then.  (Medium)

    I've actually built Ethereum apps.  It.  Does.  Not.  Scale.  Anyone talking it up as "the backbone of the new internet" is either on drugs or trying to sell you some.
    The solution is obvious — these applications will need to be split up across multiple blockchains.
    Well, that solves one of the problems of using Ethereum.  It also solves the benefits of using Ethereum.

    Oh, and the tools the article praises are complete garbage.  I've used them.  I'd rather program COBOL using punched cards.

  • YouTube responsible for the destruction of countless BS meters worldwide.

  • VESA announced the DisplayPort 2.0 standard which delivers three times the bandwidth of DisplayPort 1.4 over cables made of powdered moonbeams.  (AnandTech)

    Over real cables it has about 50% more bandwidth than 1.4.

    As for the resolutions it supports, and refresh rates, and the number of displays, well, it depends.  Up to 16k, at least 3 screens, and 144Hz, but you only get to pick one of those, and the higher numbers require display stream compression (DSC).

  • Taking a leaf from Twitter's moderation team, Microsoft is telling users they can't upgrade to Windows 10 - but not why.  (ZDNet)

    At least they don't have to pass a captcha and verify their phone number every couple of days.  That was not a suggestion, Microsoft.

  • It doesn't help to be on multiple platforms if their CEOs all play golf on Sunday.

    The video has apparently been taken down from every service except Bitchute.

    I'm not sure if it's golf, exactly, but they're sure playing something

  • Twitter is garbage.

Videos of the Day

George Orwell, call your office.

On the positive side, it doesn't look like Google will survive much longer.

Disclaimer: No energy was created or destroyed in the filming of this post.

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