Wednesday, December 08


Morning News Stuff December 8 2021

Woke up to customer panic and my keyboard not working.

The first was due to AWS which is really good because we have a nice big target to blame and we have already advised that customer that work is under way to decouple our system from AWS.  (We're not using AWS for core services, but we rely on other companies that do, so this is kind of complicated.)

Now I get to spend the rest of the day cleaning up the mess.  Though after a couple of incidents where AWS was having trouble but we had to report to our customers that no, we had a bug in our platform, it sure is nice to be able to drop all the blame on someone else for a day.

The second problem was that the . key on my keyboard wasn't working.  I fixed the immediate problem via percussive maintenance, but this particular keyboard isn't made any more.  

I found a retailer here in Australia that still had three gathering dust in their warehouse and ordered two of them.  This one has already lasted four years and a couple of drink spills so I'm hoping by the time both of those wear out someone will be making something that I like again.

I might try Microsoft's Bluetooth Desktop.  Microsoft does make pretty good hardware.  But the model I have pairs with up to three devices and supports systems without Bluetooth via a USB widget, which is very nice when I'm about to have eight systems all running at once.

Not related to the outage, just my how they've grown.

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