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Kairosoft (makers of Game Dev Story) have been busy updating their games to work on Android 4.1 (a.k.a Jelly Bean, which is what I have).

This is bad news, because I love little simulation games like these, and they have 14 of them out on Android.  And it looks like 32 in all.

IGN have a nice roundup of the most popular Kairosoft games.  A lot of them came out years ago on DoCoMo phones and are now getting Android and iOS ports.  They still sport the original 8-bitty* graphics, which now makes them retro and stylish, but have been adapted fairly well to the touch screen.

This is the one I'm playing right now (well, not right now, but last night): Grand Prix Story.

Grand Prix racing not your thing?  You could manage a football** team:

Or a hot spring:

Or a computer game studio.  Wait, what?

Update: Completed a playthrough of Grand Prix Story last night.  You get 14 years and 3 months of game time - I don't know why that number, but it seems that most Kairosoft games have limits of 10-20 in-game years.  After that, you can continue playing but it no longer counts to your score.

It also opens up a "New Game Plus" mode - you can take the designs for one car and one upgrade that you've unlocked with you into a new game.  My first inclination was to take my V12 supercar and just clobber everyone in the early races.  Problem is, you only get to take the designs with you, not your money or your team.  A good V12 supercar costs around $2 million and requires a team tech score of 250 or so, and you don't have anything like that at the start of the game.  Maybe the buggy and the V6, then...

* More acurately, 16-bitty.  It's easy to forget how crappy the graphics were in the 8-bit days.  One of the things I love about Kairosoft's games is that they could - with a bit of squishing - have come out on the original Amiga.  A bit of fiddling with a screenshot suggests that the underlying resolution is 320x200, probably in 256 colours.
** Soccer.

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