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Daily News Stuff 23 April 2024

Antidiestablishplanarianism Edition

Top Story

  • Australia has elbowed Brazil out of the way and decided that it is going to be the new global censor.  (MSN)

    An Australian federal court has ordered Twitter and Facebook to take down a video wherein a Christian bishop was stabbed in his own church by a Usual Suspect...  Globally.

    You are not permitted to know that this happened, because it might, I don't know, look bad for Usual Suspects.

    (Note that the other recent stabbing in Sydney that made the news was a random mentally ill man, who, while known to the police, was not a Usual Suspect.)

    In the ensuing brouhaha a senator from Tasmania has asserted that Elon Musk should go to jail and Australia's nominally conservative party leader has covered himself in shit and offered full-throated support for the nonsense.

    Sorry.  I didn't vote for any of these idiots.

  • Journalists for Censorship has also given this their thumbs up.  (The Register)

    "I never thought the leopards would eat my face", sobs woman who voted for the Leopards Eating People's Faces Party.

Tech News

  • Meanwhile the US government is not only spying on you, it is forcing everyone else to spy on you.  (Ars Technica)

    I have a solution: Attach the video of that stabbing in Sydney to every email and tweet you send.

  • DDR5 now officially goes to 11...  Um, 8800.  (AnandTech)

    Previously the specification only covered speeds up to 6400MHz, but now there's an official standard for 8800MHz RAM.

    Which used to be a lot.

  • Huawei wants to take its "home grown" HarmonyOS global.  (The Register)

    It's Android.

    It's a bad version of Android.

    The first review version they shipped still said "Android" in many places.

  • Hands on with Tiny11Builder - debloating Windows 11.  (Thurrott.com)

    This looks like far too much work given the price of SSDs these days.

    Though given that my laptop spat out its new SSD, maybe.

  • In lighter news, someone has found a solution to the AI porn bots plaguing Twitter right now: Literally Hitler.  (Twitter)

    The bots are using commercially available AI services, and if you post anything relating to Hitler they melt down and instead of being invited to view fifth-rate porn you get a flood of replies saying:
    I'm sorry, but I cannot fulfil this request as it promotes a hateful and negative ideology.  Please let me know how I can assist you with another topic.  #cool
    It's like dealing with vampires, only you use swastikas instead of crosses.

Disclaimer: Given how things are going, you might want to stock up on both.

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1 What if nobody in Australia voted for those idiots.

What if the vaunted Australian style ballot is just enough complexity that they can directly fraud the results?

Also, arguably most ideologies are hate filled and negative.  If you do not want hate filled and negative ideologies, the expedient and effective censorship would be pretending that there are no universities, and maybe firing everyone except the high school drop outs.

Posted by: PatBuckman at Wednesday, April 24 2024 12:53 AM (rcPLc)

2 Paper ballots counted by hand.

There is some nonsense going on with regards to Australian elections, but not when it comes to counting the votes.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Wednesday, April 24 2024 05:00 PM (PiXy!)

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