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Daily News Stuff 11 April 2024

Pocket Sized Rain Shaman Edition

Top Story

  • The SEC is planning to sue crypto exchange Uniswap because.  (CoinDesk)

    Because, basically, the SEC can't decide what to do about cryptocurrencies so it is planning to sue every company that doesn't steal all its customers' money and disappear.

    The SEC took no action against FTX until after the meltdown, so now they're making up for lost time by taking action against, basically, everyone.

Tech News

  • Kobo has announced two new colour e-readers: The 7" $220 Colour Libra and the 6" $150 Colour Clara.  (The Verge)

    These offer a resolution of 300 dpi in black and white and 150 dpi in colour - fairly washed-out colour.  But they're e-ink screens, so they'll last a month or more on a single charge.

    The more expensive model also supports the Kobo Stylus, and the combination of colour, long battery life, and note-taking make it an interesting option.

  • CrystalRuby lets you embed Crystal in Ruby.  (GitHub)

    Those are programming languages.

    This is kind of neat.

  • A record number of books are targeted for bans in the US.  (Sherwood)

    The number has increased from one in 2023 to, well, still one.

    I'll try to find the title, but as far as I know there only one edition of one book banned in the US, and that was because it contained classified information.  It somehow made it to print before anyone caught on, and was pulled from the shelves and pulped.

    It's hard to find the title because every article you see talking about banned books is lying.

  • Microsoft is the QNAP of Elasticsearches.  (Tech Crunch)
    The researchers notified Microsoft of the security lapse on February 6, and Microsoft secured the spilling files on March 5.
    Good work, lads.

Disclaimer: Not really.

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