Tuesday, July 21


Die, Spammers, Die!

Dinged on href= for 10.2
Dinged on url= for 0.2
Dinged on http:// for 28.0
Dinged on .ru for 305
Dinged on .biz for 4
Score 347.4
Yeah, take that, you post-Communist recidivist swinepigs!

The new munu spam filter is live.
Dinged on viagra for 15
Dinged on href= for 4.0
Dinged on http:// for 10.0
Dinged on /member for 20.0
Score 49.0
One of the things it does is when it sees a sufficiently spammy spam, it just bans the IP address permanently.  So in the future we just need a single IP lookup and bye bye spammer.

If you manage to get your home PC infested by a botnet virus, then you get banned too.  It's tough love.
Dinged on viagra for 2
Dinged on  cialis for 3
Dinged on http:// for 3.0
Dinged on dysfunction for 1
Dinged on erectile for 1
Dinged on levitra for 15
Dinged on /member for 12.5
Score 37.5
Dinged on viagra for 4
Dinged on  cialis for 12
Dinged on tramadol for 39
Dinged on xanax for 12
Dinged on phentermine for 90
Dinged on href= for 10.0
Dinged on http:// for 25.0
Dinged on /member for 27.5
Score 219.5
Pick a product and stick to it!

Ah, this will make some of my bloggers happy:
Dinged on possible crapbot match for 3.0
Dinged on probable crapbot match for 3.0
Dinged on mixed markup for 3.5
Dinged on href= for 0.2
Dinged on url= for 0.2
Dinged on link= for 0.2
Dinged on http:// for 2.0
Score 12.1

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1 Hurrah!

Posted by: Old Grouch at Tuesday, July 21 2009 12:22 AM (f4kkX)

2 "IP maps to China" ought to be good for another 20 points right off.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Tuesday, July 21 2009 02:42 AM (+rSRq)

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