Wednesday, May 21


Shoulda Known

That was the season finale of House.  (Part 1 last week, part 2 today.)

But while the second half of the finale of House had some problems, it was better than Bones, which just spontaneously retroactively self-destructed through force of sheer boneheaded idiocy.

Bones doesn't so much jump the shark as skin the shark alive, boil the flesh from its cartilage, grind the cartilage into powder, make soup from the powder, feed the soup to hungry beetles, blend the beetles into porridge, and shoot the porridge into the Sun.

Can we have the writers' strike back, please?

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1 I thought House was good... very evocative, anyway.   But Bones... egads, what did we do to be treated like that?

Posted by: pam at Wednesday, May 21 2008 01:08 AM (l6NIn)

2 The first half of the finale of House was superb; the second half wasn't bad, but wasn't up to the standards of the first half.

But Bones, well, ugh.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Wednesday, May 21 2008 01:22 AM (PiXy!)

3 Yes but even a weak episode of House is generally better than 99% of what is on television.

Posted by: Stephen Macklin at Wednesday, May 21 2008 12:07 PM (R7LgM)

4 I watched a few episodes of the first season of Bones. It wasn't bad.

David Boreanaz is always good. Just found it very uneven so I didn't go back.

House which I don't watch a lot of either. At least has an interesting mix of characters. If the story itself isn't great, the character interactions usually are.

Posted by: Andrew at Wednesday, May 21 2008 02:13 PM (/5NwX)

5 I keep trying to watch Bones, because of Angel (David B.). But I rarely do.

House, on the other hand, we almost never miss. Although where in the hell did "medical hypnosis" come from?!?

Posted by: Yahzi at Wednesday, May 21 2008 02:58 PM (yn9dj)

6 Pix, you ever watch Dexter?  You should see if you can get the season one DVDs...or torrent them, whatever.

Posted by: doubleplusundead at Saturday, May 24 2008 01:40 PM (ZuzXA)

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