Sunday, July 13


Global Warming Come Home!

All is forgiven!

It's 13C here in Sydney.


With the heater on.

I think I need to fire up my old PCs again.  At least they kept my toes warm.  These new energy efficient models suck in Winter.

Update: Back to normal Sydney Winter weather today, i.e. short sleeves and air conditioning, with intermittent showers of religious fruitcakes.

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Strange that the weather there should be so cold. I just took at look at my atlas, and found out that you're at 34 degrees south latitude. Los Angeles is at 34 degrees north latitude, and it sure doesn't get cold like that there in the winter.

What's the deal? Cold ocean currents?

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Sunday, July 13 2008 08:03 AM (+rSRq)

2 I blame the Ice Giants.

Seriously, though, Sydney has a very similar climate to Los Angeles, except that we get about three times as much rain, since we're not in a desert.  It was a bit cold last night, and my air-conditioner (which is reverse cycle, so it heats as well as cools) is busted, so I had to fall back on a cheap little electric heater.

Have to get that air conditioner fixed before Summer...

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Sunday, July 13 2008 03:12 PM (PiXy!)

3 Sometimes I forget that you're in Australia.  Then I just feel foolish for wondering what you're on about when I realize.

Posted by: Wonderduck at Monday, July 14 2008 02:52 PM (AW3EJ)

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