Monday, July 30


Limits Of Shrinkage

I'll have to tidy this up and post it at, but a few notes on the image resizing features in Minx.  Except where noted, these apply to both manual and automatic resizing.
  • If you resize an 8-bit GIF or PNG image with transparency (index or alpha), the transparency will be lost.  If you need to retain the transparency, you'll either need to resize it using a paint program (Paintshop Pro, Fireworks, Photoshop) or use a 32-bit RGBA PNG file instead.  This is an issue with the image library used by Minx, and isn't likely to be fixed soon.
  • If you resize an animated GIF, only the first frame of the animation will be kept.  This is fixable, but not a very high priority.
  • For automatic resizing only, if the resulting image is up to 1100 pixels in dimensions (e.g. 500x600, 300x800), the system will apply a high-quality but CPU-intensive Anti-aliasing filter.  For larger sizes, it will fall back to a bilinear filter, which is good enough for photos but will show some aliasing (jaggies) on line drawings.
  • In Minx 1.05, manually resized JPGs are processed with a quality setting of 75%; automatically resized JPGs with a setting of 85%.  In Minx 1.1, the default for both modes is 80%, with a quality/q option available to override this: [img=/images/foofle.jpg size=50% q=90%]

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