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Daily News Stuff 11 November 2019

Limits.Conf Edition

Tech News

  • Ubuntu 20.04 will disinclude Python 2.  (Phoronix)

    Since it will be out three months after support is dropped for Python 2, that's no surprise.

    Fortunately for me, PyPy (the Python compiler) will continue support for Python 2 indefinitely.  Because the chances of me porting 250,000 lines of code before New Year's Eve are slim.

  • Did we mention that nobody likes the Pixel 4 very much?  (ZDNet)

    Fortunately there is a simple solution to all the problems with the Pixel 4: Don't buy it.  Google is run by idiots.

  • Microsoft Edge is coming to Linux.  (MSN)

    On the one hand, it's based on Chromium, which runs just fine on Linux, and on the other hand, I'm more prepared to trust Microsoft at this point than Google, so...  Bring it on, because Google is run by idiots.

  • Terminator won't be back.  (Forbes)

    Don't click on that link.  Forbes now has adblock detection and is just filled with crap if you turn your adblocker off.

    Anyway, while Joker - an actual good film - nudges ever closer to the billion dollar mark (for an R-rated comic book movie with a $55 million budget that has not been released in China), the new Terminator film fell into a vat of molten metal and disappeared.

    The article linked above (don't click) makes the laughable assertion that:
    It’s a sign that making a better sequel couldn’t save a franchise for which general audiences stopped caring decades ago.
    Better than what, exactly?

  • YouTube has begun banning commenters for using too many emojis.  (Engadget)

    First worthwhile thing they've done in years.

    Okay, yeah, Google is run by idiots.

Disclaimer: * soft nofile infinity and beyond!

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1 Forbes has been on an adblock block jihad for a couple of years.  It's safe with current-day Firefox (with enhanced tracking protection enabled) and uBlock, though--no ads, no nagging.
Many of the worst anti-adblocking sites can be blocked by disabling Javascript via an extension, although I've run into one truly nasty edge case: Tweak Town uses a meta refresh tag that (IIRC) is disabled by JS, and there's no way in Chrome without extensions to stop the refresh from happening.

Posted by: Rick C at Tuesday, November 12 2019 12:55 AM (Iwkd4)

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