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Daily News Stuff 7 December 2019

Undefined Reference Edition

Tech News

  • uWSGI won't install under PyPy 3.6-v7.2.0.  This came as a surprise because I spent last week setting up a whole bunch of production servers at my day job running PyPy 2.7-v7.2.0 for our legacy apps, and that worked just fine.

    Fortunately I don't absolutely need it right now; all the PyPy 3.6 code I have running is either low-volume and works fine with a single process, or can be configured as multiple standalone processes behind a Caddy proxy.

  • Turns out that MongoDB 4.2 doesn't support Lucene search.  This was a big feature announcement, but if you read closely it only applies to MongoDB Atlas, their database-as-a-service.  There are improvements to MongoDB search in 4.2 (wildcard indexes), but not Lucene.

  • Speaking of search, I searched this blog for atlas just now - well, an hour ago, because then I found that the server was overloaded and dropped everything to fix that - and it found my previous post on MongoDB search even though I didn't mention Atlas in the text, because I didn't realise at the time that it was an Atlas-only feature.

    The link to the MongoDB blog post about the new search functionality had atlas in it.  The search was able to find that.

  • So, news...

  • The next iPhone won't have any ports at all unless it does.  (Macworld)

    Apple would love that.

  • France has proposed terrible new draft laws to implement the EU's terrible new copyright directive.  (Julia Reda)

    There will never be a social media company in France.  China is more open than this.

  • China has deployed the Great Cannon again.  (AT&T)

    This is the offense part of the Great Firewall, injecting malicious code into subversive sites the Chinese government doesn't want its people to see, like, for example, GitHub.

  • Systemd opened a potential security hole in Linux-based VPNs.  (Linux Reviews)

    I'm a confirmed systemd hater, but have to point out that this is a potential security hole; there's no certainty that it could be practically exploited, much less that it has been already.

Disclaimer: I am reminded at this juncture that there is a Twitter bot called Fuck Every Word 2.0, that has been slowly but steadily working through the English dictionary posting tweets that consist simply of "fuck" and the word of the hour.  

(It's 2.0 because, a little past the middle of the alphabet, 1.0 suddenly got banned.)

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