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Is that a ferret in your blouse, or are you... Uh, on second thought, never mind.

Update: Wow, this has to be, hmm, probably the seventeenth or eighteenth weirdest anime I've ever seen. What with the ferret-girl and the dancing dandelions and all.

Update: Link for Tiger: A review of Popotan is Nowhere to be found. Favourite quote:

Oh, and everyone does the butt-wiggle dance in the OP sequence this time!
And indeed they do!

It's a blog, so read it from the bottom up to avoid spoilers. Another review:

For all that, though, Popotan is still a warm and cuddly little bit of nothing. It'll make you smile, it'll make you sad. It made me wish for more episodes, and when a show can do that then the creators did their job.
And a warning:
A word of caution, though. The opening and closing themes are infectious. I'm not kidding. Don't say I didn't warn you.
The closing song in particular - which is where the dancing dandelions come in - is what LeeAnn would call an earworm.

Little details: One of the dancing dandelions is half a beat behind all the others.

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1 Ferret-girl and dancin' dandelions and you didn't provide a link? Oh, I have somethin' for you.

Posted by: Tiger at Monday, November 24 2003 01:16 AM (DNOfQ)

2 Yeaahhhh the closing is a real earworm, it's 7 times i listen to it today, and i'm mad of iiiit! aaarghh, Hhelp Mii!!!

Posted by: Solaris at Tuesday, October 12 2004 04:06 PM (BTPlm)

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