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Friday, October 08


Daily Hololive Minecraft Stuff 8 October 2021

As two servers merge...

Another one opens.

Prepare for trouble and make it smol.

And Aki Rose is gearing up to solo the Ender Dragon.

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Sunday, October 03


Cold Peafowl

There are suddenly no live HoloEN Minecraft streams after a veritable avalanche the last couple of weeks.  I think it's specifically because they're doing the server update today to link EN and JP, but it's the first time in a while that I've needed to check for content rather than just hitting my Holodex search and playing whatever was live.  IRyS alone has streamed 18 hours of Minecraft this week.

I might catch up on the rest of Pekora's antics now.

Meanwhile, here's the past year of HoloEn's Minecraft adventures squooshed down to 3 minutes.

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Saturday, October 02


Begun, The Invasion Has Peko

I noticed this live last night but didn't spot the EN tag.*  The portal between the Hololive JP and EN servers is opening soon, but Pekora already has an EN holiday home and decided to pay an early visit.

The full invasion starts in a few days, I think.  There's been a flurry of activity on the EN side lately, with all eleven girls preparing to greet the JP and ID contingent.  Their spawn point which has been a wilderness for the past year has turned into a Japanese resort town in the space of two weeks.  IRyS went overnight from living in a dirt house to building fully automated farms that look like the food they produce.

Meanwhile, I found brown sheep.  Well, a brown sheep, but it wasn't alone for long.

* Yes, but since it was already live I didn't see that thumbnail.

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