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Saturday, August 30



What Is Your Battle Cry?

Yea, verily: Who is that, prowling amidst the mini-mall parking lot! It is Pixy Misa, hands clutching a bladed baseball bat! And with a vengeful howl, his voice cometh:

"I'm going to forcibly reverse your gender!"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by beatings : powered by monkeys

(via Tim)

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Tenshi na Konamaiki

Tenshi na Konamaiki ("Cheeky Angel") is a show about a boy who has turned into a girl, a remarkable concept that has never before appeared in the field of anime.*

* Okay, so Maze was originally a girl, and Hibiki is really just in disguise, and Birdy is really two people in one body. On the other hand, we have Nuriko from Fushigi Yuugi, Yakumo from 3x3 Eyes ("It's just a job!"), Tsubasa from Ranma, Makoto from El Hazard...

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Friday, August 29



I was comparing notes with a couple of friends on how much bandwidth we use each month. I'm on slow-but-steady ADSL; they are on fast-but-limited cable. They boasted of high speeds - 700KB/sec downloads (that's bytes, not bits). I pointed out that I couldn't live with their pathetic monthly download limits.

What do you download?, they asked. Three gig seems plenty to us.

I pointed out that I download fan-subbed anime, since this is often the only way to get the less popular or older series - they simply aren't available to buy in English, neither dubbed nor subtitled. And my favourite site for finding new fansubs, AnimeSuki, often lists as much as a gigabyte of new anime a day.

Fair enough, they say, knowing well the depths of my addiction.

A gigabyte a day. Having said that, I became curious, and went and actually added the numbers up:

Sunday was busy - 1.8GB. Lots of fansubbers working on their projects over the weekend, perhaps.
Monday - 3.4GB. Yikes! I mean, wow! That's a lot! Presumably just a blip; that doesn't happen every day.
Tuesday - 4.8GB. Holy transatlantic cows, Batman! Where did that come from?
Wednesday - 1.3GB. Ah, a return to normalcy. But shortlived -
Thursday - 7.1GB. Nooo! My line's not fast enough! I can't download that much in a day!

Fortunately, people have started to collect the episodes of various series so that you can download four or five or ten episodes at once. Unfortunately, that means that a single click commits you to a twelve hour download. It's like being on dial-up again.

Now, you'll have to excuse me, as it's time for Kodocha.*

* That's the one with the squirrel, Susie.

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Wednesday, August 27


Good Squirrel!


Episode 9 of Kodocha provides the answer to Mitch H.'s comment:

One can only hope that it's potty-trained.
Yes, and not only that, but he cleans himself afterwards.

As seen here.

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Maro-chan climbs back to the safety of his home after both Mama's (left) and Sana's (right) heads have exploded.

* Well, at least Maro-chan has a proper name, unlike Squirrelly the Squirrel in Saber Marionette J.**
** Currently back to watching Kodocha.

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Ojo-sama to Oyobi*

Heh. I caught that! Another hundred years or so of watching anime and I'll actually understand Japanese.

Princess Aeka in Tenchi Muyo! had a song of that name, too.

* Roughly translated: Call me Princess!**
** Currently watching: Scrapped Princess.

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Monday, August 25


Child's Toy

Currently watching Kodomo no Omocha, also known as Kodocha, also also known as Child's Toy, and there's just one thing I don't understand.

Why does Sana's mother have a squirrel living in her head?

Update: In episode 5 the subtitles have been changed, and it appears that the squirrel only lives on rather than in Mrs. Kurata's head. In episode 6, we learn that the squirrel's name is Maro-chan, though what use this information has has* not yet been made clear,

*Has has! That's even better than had had! Um, has anyone else here read The Well of Lost Plots?

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Thursday, August 21


Nanaka 6/17

I've haven't posted anything about anime for a while. I plan to correct this in a major way soon, but for today I'll talk about what I'm watching right now. Which is Nanaka 6/17 and Stellvia of the Universe.

Nanaka 6/17 is the story of a girl named Nanaka, who falls down a flight of stairs one rainy day and bonks her head. When she wakes up, she has lost all her memories of the past eleven years: she's a six-year-old in a 17-year-old body. To give her the best possible chance for recovery, it's decided to treat her as though everything is perfectly normal... Except that she has magically grown up overnight.

Which is pretty silly, but hey, this is a TV show, not Shakespeare. The result is the sort of good-hearted fun that is found so often in anime, without the nasty chemical-treacle gloss that American productions tend to put on such an effort.

I've seen three episodes so far (out of 12 available from AnimeSuki), and I'll give more details when I've seen the rest. As for Stellvia - which, as it happens, is not about a girl named Stellvia - I've only seen the first episode. But I like it so far.

Anyway, here you can find the opening credits for Nanaka 6/17. I've got it down to 8 meg with a certain amount of fiddling. I might end up buying DrDivX, because at least it does what I tell it to (a feature sadly lacking in so much software today).

To play the video, you may need to download a DivX decoder. You can find a handy pack of codecs* here. Or go to Kazaa Lite and download either the basic or full codec pack from their download page. (The link I gave is the basic pack.)

*Codec is short for coder/decoder; this codec pack includes both the decoders for playing files and the coders for creating them.

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Wednesday, August 13


Then Again...

When I said that the scriptwriter for the real world couldn't get a job in television, I hadn't considered Japan.

In episode 10 of Rizelmine, Rizel-chan heads off on a quest to find the legendary teddy-bear panties "41's Princess", originally discovered high on the slopes of Mount Everest.

No, really.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Rizel cries nitroglycerine tears. Waah! BOOM!

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