Wednesday, November 29


Those Wacky Japanese...

And their funny product names.

I had that once. Well, sort of. It was just a case of eating too much... um, something. I've forgotten now. Thankfully.

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Wednesday, November 22


Roses Are Red

Violets are blue. *

My DVDs arrived.

Probably won't get to watch anything until the weekend, though.

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Monday, November 20


I Hate It When That Happens

Missing volume 1 of Card Captor Sakura.

I wasn't sure if I'd bought the complete series; turns out I had. But now I have the complete series minus one.

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Sunday, November 19


A Day Of Rest

Today, I did nothing.

And, while I was busy doing that nothing, I decided to watch some anime. Now that my notebook is back from repair - not actually repaired, mind you, but back - I plugged it in to my shiny new* TV and took a look at the new season.


That Boku Show

Watched: 10 minutes
Rating: 1 boku out of 5

Review: I, My, Me: Strawberry Eggs, only with worse artwork and animation and an even more contrived plot. If there even is a plot. Pointy chins.


Watched: 4 episodes
Rating: 3 uguus out of 5

Review: Our hero, Kyon Yuuichi transfers to a school in Siberia, in a town where all the girls have had their memories erased. Except that would be interesting. Beautifully animated and very cute, but dull as dishwater. In the preview for episode 4, there was a hint that something might actually happen. As it turns out, it was just a preview of a hint that something might happen. So far, nothing has.

Pretty, though.


Watched: 1 episode
Rating: 2.5 kunoichi out of 5

Review: Don't take the dramatic introduction seriously. The show certainly doesn't. Looks like it's a nonsense slapstick comedy (with ninja girls), and I'm willing to watch some more to see how it develops. Art and animation are unamazing but decent.

Sumomomo Momomo

Watched: 1 6 episodes
Rating: 3.5 eye-sparkles out of 5

Review: Ranma ½ meets Rizelmine. If the writers can keep the male lead from becoming an idiot, they may have something. If not, that rating may plummet.

I'll see if I can watch some more of this now; my video player (I use Core Media Player) has stopped working, something that is almost certainly not its fault. I have Media Player Classic on the notebook as well, so I can probably get by with that until I get a chance to reformat the little bastard again.

Updated: Continues to be a very enjoyable and very silly show. I was surprised to see that it's slated for 26 episodes - I expected it to be 13 - but the pacing does become evident by epsiode 6. I don't know how well they'll keep up the humour over that length, but for now, I'm going to keep watching.

* And hardly used.

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Sunday, November 12


Buy The DVD!

Even if you already have the fansub, hot from the Japanese TV broadcast, there are often very good reasons to buy the DVD.

(Examples from Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan)

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Thursday, November 09



I forgot Madman's Tenth Anniversary Sale - they're selling their entire back catalogue at $10 per DVD - but fortunately (for me) their servers fell over during the stampede and they decided to extend it.

So I just picked up:

The first two-and-a-half seasons of Galaxy Angel
Days of Midori and Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, which I loved on fansub but never got around to buying
Porco Rosso, Pom Poko (which I might already have somewhere...), Nausicaa, and a spare copy of Millennium Actress to foist upon the unwary
Kaleido Star
Burst Angel
Colorful (heh)
Uh, and something that rhymes with Mickey Mousen
Should keep me occupied for a day or three.

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