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Tuesday, June 10


Back Off Man, I'm A Scientist

Read the post below first.  Well, I say read, but what I really mean is absorb by osmosis, like a sponge.  The ones that live in the ocean, not the cheap supermarket ones.


All done?



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Ievan Dansen

Via Steven and a quick Google, a post entirely stolen from Accidental Anime.

I only discovered Vocaloid myself today.  Pure coincidence.  The advances in music composition software since I put together my stuff back in '02 have been amazing.

And the mandatory Don't Mix The Memes item from the title:

Yup, that's a computer singing a Finnish folk song in a Japanese accent.

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Tuesday, June 03


Special Forces Librarians

Toshokan Sensou (Library War) is stupid, but watchable.  I haven't been captured by any of the shows of the current season, though Alison to Lillia is definitely one I'll be coming back to when I'm in the right mood.

On the other hand, the current story in Doctor Who, Silence in the Library, cements Steven Moffat (The Empty Child, The Girl in the Fireplace, Blink) as one of the best writers for the series, old or new.  He won the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form in 2006 for The Empty Child and again in 2007 for The Girl in the Fireplace, and Blink has been nominated for the 2008 award.  And I'll be surprised if Silence in the Library isn't nominated next year.

So it's particularly pleasing to hear that he's been named as the new lead writer and executive producer for Doctor Who's fifth season.  Not so pleasing that we have to wait 'til 2010* for that - next year we just get a handful of specials - but it's something to look forward to amidst the dreck.


Anyway.  I have a fix and a cleanup routine for the munu migration, but I don't want to run it now while I'm tired, so I'm leaving that for tomorrow....  Later today.  Then tomorrow, they come back to tear up my bathroom again.  Bleh to that.

 * 2010?!  That's like, the future!

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