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Friday, March 30


All Purpose Cultural Shopping Arcade Abenobashi


The music is good too.

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Wednesday, March 28



Steven wrote:

Though it's good, it doesn't strike me as being that outstanding. I suspect that what I'm missing is context. What I suspect I'm missing is that the hooplah was from people who were comparing it to all the other shows that came out at the same time, and by comparison to the normal run-of-the-dreck series from the last year, it really did seem like a lightning strike.

Context is key, in two ways.

First, as Steven says, 2006 was a pretty blah year for anime, and Haruhi is a good show, with a solid story, strong cast, and high production values.

But second, and specific to Haruhi Suzumiya, is the effect of the re-ordering of the episodes. It's effective when you watch the episodes one after the other, but it's crazy-making when you watch them a week apart.

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Steven wrote:

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Saturday, March 03



Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi rocks.*

Panyo Panyo Digi Charat not so much. It seems to be the only Digi Charat released here in Oz, and the one DVD I bought of it was pretty annoying.

* Warning: May contain traces of boobies.**

** Warning: Avoid spoilers! Don't look at any other pages! Don't read the text on that page, either!

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