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Tuesday, November 08


Tenshi na Konamaiki

Megumi is the most beautiful girl anyone has ever seen. She's also an abrasive tomboy who will fight just about anyone for just about any reason. She wasn't always like this; in fact, she wasn't always a she...

On the one hand it's long (50 episodes), somewhat cliched (a boy cursed to grow up as a girl), a bit silly, and relies too heavily at times on Megumi Hayashibara's talents. And Megumi (the one in the story, not Hayashibara-san) is somewhat funny-looking.

On the other hand, the characters definitely grow on you (even Keiko, who starts out as a stock miss-rich-bitch), most of the episodes are enjoyable in themselves, it has some interesting twists and turns, and it all resolves itself in a very satisfying way. Even when you see what's coming (and there's some nice foreshadowing if you know what to look for) what you get isn't quite what you expected.

It hasn't been licensed yet, so right now your only option (assuming you don't speak Japanese) is to download the fansub. Which is, I'll add, very nicely done.

Other reviews: JASCII, AnimeNfo. Some of the reviewers don't like it at all, by the way, often for exactly the reasons I do. I you can get past the unusually un-cute character designs at the start, though, there's a lot there to enjoy.

One thing I'll add: Megumi Hayashibara was in her mid-thirties when she did this part, and at first it was weird to hear her voice coming from a fifteen year old girl. But within a couple of episodes it seemed the most natural thing in the world, and Megu-san is very very good at bringing her roles to life. Be warned, it is her Lina Inverse voice, and if that's going to have you expecting Dragon Slave at least once per episode you'll be disappointed.

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Thursday, November 03


For A Few Pixels More

I have them and you don't! Nya nya nya!

dp1f.jpg more...

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Wednesday, November 02


Terror Bites

I have a terabyte of fansubbed anime.

Okay, so a lot of it is crap. Still...

Time, I think, to get my other terabyte of disk working again.

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The web is a big place, and full of unexpected treasures.

One such is the Meganeko Gallery.

For the unsubtle, there's also Being Upfront.

As quite a few lucky fellows can attest, the two are not disjoint sets.

(Click on the links if you don't know what the hell I'm talking about.)

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