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Monday, September 14


Good Grief

I've been reading Berserk.

It's definitely one of those can't-look-away things.  After a two-volume flash-forward, we go back to watch our hero, Guts (yes, really) grow up.  From his humble beginnings as a battlefield orphan born during what TVTropes aptly terms the Dung Ages, Guts works his way up to lieutenant of a successful mercenary company before everything goes - quite literally - to hell.

Manga is the perfect medium for this story.  In the hands of any less than the most brilliant of authors, as a purely written work it would lose much of its impact.*  And as live action film or television, it would be unwatchably horrifying.

There's an anime of it, which covers the first part of the flash-forward and then what's known as the Golden Age arc.  This did and didn't make sense to me at first.  On the one hand, the Golden Age arc - the flashback to Guts growing up and the adventures of the aforementioned mercenary company - are certainly the least disturbing part of the story, and the best suited for animation...  Up until the end of the arc, which is possibly the most disturbing part of the story.

So either they left out the real ending of that arc - and there's no other sensible place to end it - or they animated something really horrifying.

Oh, who am I fooling.  This is Japan.  Here are the descriptions of the last three episodes, with spoilers removed: (Warning: Squicky stuff after the jump.)

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