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Tuesday, June 14


My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Still Short But Not Quite As Short Take

Yes, I really watched the whole of the new series of My Little Pony.

The thing is, while there is no question but that the show was created solely as a cynical exercise in manipulating little girls into getting their parents to exchange their hard-earned dollars for mass-produced plastic toy horses, it is actually pretty good.

I was persuaded of this first by the existence of Weird Al PMVs* and then by the Ponycast put out by the combined forces of the Anime World Order and Greatest Movie Ever podcasts.**

And, despite its origins, target audience, and current status as an internet meme plague, I really enjoyed it.


* Pony Music Videos.
** I've listened to every single episode of both.  Twice.

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Wakfu: Short Take

I'll post more on My Little Pony and Wakfu when I have a bit of free time, but here's a very quick rundown of the latter:

Wakfu the animated series feels at first like an attempt to either capitalise on or promote (or both) Wakfu the mumorpuger.  And despite a strong opening and some interesting world building, the first half of the series* devolves into an only moderately entertaing travelogue-with-monsters.


Fortunately, once you reach the midpoint, it starts to pick up.  Then it picks up some more.  Then it picks up some more.  Then it picks up a whole lot more, one by one the characters take a well-earned level in badass** and the ending is pretty damn awesome.

It doesn't hurt that much of the second half is spent in the Sadida Kingdom, and the Sadida*** women are gorgeous.


I like the character designs and artwork a lot, the voice acting is pretty solid, and the story does deliver if you stick with it.  Certainly better than you'd expect from a game tie-in.

* Actually, the first season from 2008; there's a second season airing right now.
** Or in Evangelyne's case, a level in A-10 Warthog.  Which is the same thing, only more so.
*** Yes.  And the chronomancers are called Xelor, and the healers are Eniripsa.

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Sunday, June 12


My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Short Take

Ponies rule.

Also, Pinkie Pie is clearly a time lord.

Quote: Aaaah!  Bats!  Bats on my face!

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Interesting world-building.  Feels kind of like a mumorpuger.

It is!  It is a mumorpuger!

That explains the shop specialising in random items.

Quote: Yeah, well, helping jam with legs defending three apples and two potatoes, I'm not calling that nobility.

Speaking of the mumorpuger as opposed to the animated series, I do like the art style and it looks like it could be fun.  If I ever get any time off work, I'll give it a try.

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