What happened?
Twelve years!
You hit me with a cricket bat!
Ha! Twelve years!

Sunday, January 22


Rinne No Lagrange

Genki girl meets super-science flying battle robot.

  1. Which one, though?  One of the stable ones or one of the metastable ones?
  2. Wan.
  3. Where did those come from?  I'm sure they weren't there before.
  4. Aww, now they're gone again.
  5. Guess it's one of the metastable ones then.
  6. Wan.

The robot fights are formulaic, but the characters and the character designs work for me, as does the art style generally and the music, both op/ed and incidental.

It's nothing groundbreaking, but it has a beat and you can dance...  I mean, it's enjoyable enough so far.

Two and one half little fishies out of four.  Wan.


Now you see 'em...

Now you don't.

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Wednesday, January 18


Ano Natsu De Matteru

Also known as spoiler.

This one is actually good - funny, well-written, well-acted, beautifully drawn, and willing to hit the tropes head-on or dodge them balletically as its whim takes it.

One thing that intrigued me while watching the show was when it was set.  One, no cell-phones or computers anywhere; can't be twenty-first century.  Two, skirt length, can't pre-date the mid-60's.  Architecture (the school has a large, curving glass wall, for example) and transport (the very few cars we see are neither boxy nor sleekly curved) both suggest the 80's or 90's.  The male lead has a Super-8 film camera, and it's not highlighted as an anachronism, which points to the early 80's.  But there are shelf stereos - CD only - and the cordless phones are bulky but not that bulky, which suggests at least the late 80's, probably the 90's.

That aside, it has a busty redhead, a tomboyish girl who goes hmph, and a twintailed girl who goes ufufufu.

Oh, and railcars.  All in all, it's a real throwback, a 90's style comedy with 2012 production values, and definitely one I'll be watching.

A solid three little fishies out of four. 

Warning!  Containment failure imminent!  Warning!

Big sister and the hmph girl.

Obligatory mascotty thing.

The ufufufu girl.

And the ditz makes four.

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That Papa Show

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai!  Also known as Oh, right, the whole of Wikipedia is blacked out.

A college-aged boy ends up looking after his niece and step-nieces after their parents are lost in a plane crash.  Some genuine moments of comedy and tragedy, but the storytelling is heavy-handed and it strays too close to ick territory for my liking.

Could be worse.  Knowing the Japanese, could be a lot worse.

Two little fishies out of four.  Maybe half a point more if we get to see more of the monorail.  Monorails are good.

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