Sunday, November 30



Just finished watching Popotan.


It's a study of friendship, and family, of memory, and loss. With gratuitous boobies, ferrets, and dancing dandelions. It may not be the most significant anime series ever, but it is nonetheless recommended.

I particularly liked the closing credits of the final episode, where the fansubbers thanked everyone involved in producing the series, a reminder that people work hard to subtitle these shows because they love them.

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Sunday, November 23



Is that a ferret in your blouse, or are you... Uh, on second thought, never mind.

Update: Wow, this has to be, hmm, probably the seventeenth or eighteenth weirdest anime I've ever seen. What with the ferret-girl and the dancing dandelions and all.

Update: Link for Tiger: A review of Popotan is Nowhere to be found. Favourite quote:

Oh, and everyone does the butt-wiggle dance in the OP sequence this time!
And indeed they do!

It's a blog, so read it from the bottom up to avoid spoilers. Another review:

For all that, though, Popotan is still a warm and cuddly little bit of nothing. It'll make you smile, it'll make you sad. It made me wish for more episodes, and when a show can do that then the creators did their job.
And a warning:
A word of caution, though. The opening and closing themes are infectious. I'm not kidding. Don't say I didn't warn you.
The closing song in particular - which is where the dancing dandelions come in - is what LeeAnn would call an earworm.

Little details: One of the dancing dandelions is half a beat behind all the others.

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Sunday, November 02


Cleaning Up

Cleaning up for me, after the incidents at school and at my house... It must have been hard.

The school, your house, and the Great Seito Bridge. They all went through a mysterious collapse one after the other. So the media just went and conveniently connected them all.

It's season three of Tenchi Muyo! Though it does suffer from a slight case of "show the whole of season one in flashbacks in the first episode"...

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Saturday, November 01


You're Under Arrest

If I'm going to spend my weekend recovering files off my computer, I might as well have a bit of entertainment in between feeding it blank DVDs. So off I went to AnimeSuki, the galaxy's number one anime fansub BitTorrent directory.

What shall I download, I wonder. How about the entire second season of You're Under Arrest? Only 4.3 gigabytes.

Never mind the fact that I haven't got around to watching the first season yet...

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