Tuesday, December 21



Now is the time at the Flea when... Uh, never mind. Just watch the video.

Warning: Not entirely work-safe. Contains boobies.

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Friday, December 10


Burning The Midnight Bandwidth

Now that those election thingies are over and things have returned to normal (whatever that means), we suddenly have a whole lot of bandwidth to spare, so with your help I'm going to burn through a whole lot of it very fast. To that end, here are a bunch of nifty - if large - anime music videos you can download.

The first one, dedicated to LeeAnn, is Stop the Rock # It's just Apollo 440's song, with, well, you'll see.

One of the things too many AMV creators get wrong is combining a great idea and clever editing with a lousy song. No such problem with Elvis vs. Anime # It's an animated version of the clip for the remixed version of A Little Less Conversation. Great song, cool video.

Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu is one of the standout anime series of the last couple of years, and footage from the show is used to great effect in Hale's Mom. # That's pronounced "hah-lay", by the way, not "hail". Hale is the little boy, the strange little girl with pink hair is Guu, and the woman who looks like Hale is Hale's mom, Weda. The song: Stacy's Mom, by Fountains of Wayne.

Moving more into the novelty category, we have the Bounty Hunters Who Don't Do Anything # Video is from the brilliant series Cowboy Bebop, music is The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything by Relient K. It's a brilliant combination.

Then we have Jinnai and the Bugrom Live # The song is Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot! by Carumba, and amazingly enough it even sounds like Jinnai. The video is from El Hazard; the original OVA series of which is a minor classic, but this video is taken from the TV series, which ripped out half the plot and stretched the remainder from 7 episodes to 26. I mean, they removed the shadow people, which meant that the three-sided conflict was watered down to a straight good-vs-evil battle, and all the political scheming went with it, and without the shadow people to kidnap Princess Fatora they decided to remove her too, so we didn't get the whole cross-dressing deal with Makoto, and that meant you didn't get the scene with Makoto and Alielle exploring their gender roles. Not to mention the travesty of what they did to poor Ifurita, demon goddess of destruction... Never mind, just watch this clip.

And speaking of gender roles, I Wish I Was A Lesbian # No, that's the name of this clip. And of the song, which is by Loudon Wainwright III.

The Excel Pop Up video # takes Jewel's Standing Still and gives it the treatment it so richly deserves and only Excel Saga can deliver.

Men in Black II # takes on a whole new look at the hands of VicBond007, with help from the anime series The Big O. Masterful editing in this one.

The last two are more for the anime fan than the casual viewer, but here I go anyway: Eva Bebop # which replaces the opening credits for Neon Genesis Evangelion with something that will be strangely familiar to fans of Cowboy Bebop. If you've seen both series, you'll recognise the insane genius involved; if not, then... not.

And finally, its the Lord of the Yen trilogy #, which transplants the characters from Azumanga Daioh into Tolkien's great work. The brilliance here is in the casting. Of course Sakaki-san is Aragorn, and that means that Kaorin is Arwen. And Osaka and Chiyo-chan as Frodo and Sam, and Nyamo-chan as Gandalf. And then there's Elrond, and Gimli, and Gollum, and Saruman... Quite remarkable. It's a huge file, but it runs for over nine minutes, and the video quality is excellent.

Enjoy! (Oh, and click on the # to go to the appropriate page for each video at AnimeMusicVideos.org.)

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