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Monday, July 27


The Triumph Of Technology And Talent

I remember when you just needed two VCRs and a stopwatch.

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Sunday, July 26


10% Satellites

I'm really behind.  I recognised about 10% of the clips in this - Shirobako, which I love, Nanatsu no Taizai was there briefly, Chuunibyou, Kill la Kill, which I haven't seen but is very distinctive, and likewise Super Sonico.  The rest is a blur.

I'm going to do a writeup of Shirobako when I have a moment, in the meantime, it's good, watch it.

Yep, those are all from Shirobako.

The new Ushio and Tora is pretty good so far.  If you like 90s anime but hate 90s video quality, it's pretty much perfect.  The only change I've seen so far - apart from the radical technical improvements - is that Ushio now has a flat-screen TV for Tora to destroy.

It's moving along at a cracking pace, too, faster if anything than the original OAV series.  The manga ran for 33 volumes and the TV version is set for 39 episodes, so they're not going to need any filler on this one.  ANN rate it an A, so either I'm not just running on nostalgia fumes here or they've got some seriously old-time anime fans writing for them.

It's being done by Studio Mappa, which was founded a few years ago by anime veteran Masao Maruyama, formerly of Madhouse, and it's incredibly faithful to the original.  When they wrap up Ushio and Tora, I'd love to see them pick up another older show and give it the same treatment - like, oh, Dirty Pair.

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Monday, July 06


Ushio And Tora 2015

So it seems they kicked this thing off with a production meeting where they asked: How can we update Ushio and Tora to make it relevant to the 21st century?

And then fired everyone who offered suggestions.

This show is triple-distilled Essence of the 90s, but in 1080p widescreen.  It's perfect.

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