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Tuesday, May 16


MagiPoka FAQ

Q: What is Aiko, a triumph of high technology, doing hanging out with three creatures from mystical legend, two of which suffer from horrible diseases?

A: In any group of four or more cute girls, one of them must be a meganeko. It is required. One hyperactive, one ditz, one practical, and one shy meganeko. It's like quarks.

Q: And what is Pachira doing wearing a cross and laying on the beach on a hot sunny day?

A: Ahahaha!

Q: Why does an android need glasses? Why don't they just repair her?

A: They did.

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MagiPoka Update

I was watching the FrothBite subs, but they've only got up to episode three so far, so I switched to the GiveMeBlood subs for episode four.

Which is a total riot, for a number of reasons. And one of those reasons means I now have to go back and download the GiveMeBlood versions of eps one to three.

Will post opening and closing sequences tomorrow. Or at least some of them. Good thing it's a short series, or those EDs could result in some serious chaos.

Update update: Whoa. Dante's Inferno in twelve minutes, re-enacted by a girl with a bunny on her head.

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Well, Duh!

Why does an android need glasses?

Meganeko! Kawaii!

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Monday, May 15


Anime 203

Nothing special. I'm just making a list of the anime I've watched, so that I can then make a directory, and then attach reviews and screenshots and trailers and such.

Here's the first 203 that I could recall. I left out a few that I know I have seen parts of but which made no impression on me. It's not complete, so if you bother to look at it and say how could he not have watched that?!, don't worry, it may simply not have come to mind yet.

Unless it's Akira. I haven't seen Akira. more...

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Or Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan, which translates (I'm told) to "Third-rate Alchemists Magical (?) Blunders". It's the story of four princesses from the Netherworlds: Pachira, a vampire; Umaa, a witch; Liru, a werewolf (who is very cute in both human and wolf forms); and Aiko... an android.

It is, so far (up to episode three) largely plotless, telling an episodic fish-out-of-water story. The girls have no clue how to behave on Earth, so they make things up as they go along. None of them is particularly bright, either, even Aiko, who is the most level-headed of the group.

It's likeable enough, and if it settles down and develops a story it could be quite good. If not, it will remain a bit of pleasant fluff.

Notes: The opening credits appear to be from a different show with the same characters - unless the story changes a lot. Could just be part of the humour, though. The closing credits change for every episode, and are kind of neat. I'll post some of them shortly.

Liru has four ears. I've seen that before with catgirls, but usually their hair is styled so that you can't see their human ears, which looks far more normal. Having four ears, even cute ones, is kind of weird.

The seiyuu for Pachira is Aya Hirano, who is also the voice of Haruhi-sama! That's some talent she's got there, particularly considering she's just 18.

Oh yes: Umaa's witch hat doesn't have bunny ears. She's wearing a rabbit on her head.

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The Ontology Of Haruhi Suzumiya

Wonderduck pointed out this thread at AnimeSuki wherein all the diagrams and equations in the opening credits of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya are discussed.

In that thread, one poster notes that Haruhi is like an anti-Yurie (from Kamichu!) because [spoiler spoiler spoiler]. Interesting point.

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Sunday, May 14


The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya

Just to provoke Steven a bit, I note that those little whirly things in the opening credits are not helium atoms as I'd first supposed. There's no nucleus. If you freeze the frame at the right moment, you'll find the two dots are clearly labelled e- and e+: It's positronium. (You may not have spotted this yet due to the... distraction... offered at that point.)

There's an organic molecule shown there as well, but it's been twenty years since I did any organic chemistry, so I didn't see what it was. Anyone? It might be relevant to the plot; I've been told that you need a solid understanding of physical chemistry and some relativity and particle physics to understand the original novels, but since you also need to be able to read Japanese, I don't even make it to the starting post. (Okay, I watched it again. It's just benzene. ⌬ I thought I saw some oxygen in there, but that was just Haruhi's head getting in the way.)

And though I don't know what all the algebra and calculus is, I did spot the Drake equation. Which kind of comes unstuck when you throw someone like Haruhi into the mix, ne?

There may even be something going on in the background when Mikuru is waving her pompoms about, but I guess we'll never know.

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Honey and Clover

I missed this one when it was airing last year, and just got around to taking a look. The first episode is... interesting. Not your standard character designs, but some amazing attention to detail on the backgrounds. There's a second season scheduled for later this year, and even a live action movie.

Let me watch a couple more episodes and I'll see how it goes.

Meanwhile, Wikipedia entry and AnimeSuki page. Fairly impressible that a show that finished airing a year ago still has 235 concurrent downloads as I write. (Yep, it hasn't been licensed yet. Grab your copy now!)

(As a note: I must be approaching 2TB of fansubs, if I haven't passed that point already. I no longer have any real idea what is on my server; it's not even sorted in alphabetical order any more, and it's spread across four filesystems. Need to get me a few of these and maybe pack them into one of these (which is rather neat).)

Update: Episode two doesn't disappoint. Interesting thing - it doesn't seem particularly connected to the present century. There's one mobile phone, and one computer, and apart from that it could be set in the sixties. Particularly since at least two of the characters smoke, something that is not common at all in present-day anime. Unfolding...

Offtopic: Just snarfed the final episode of Karin, though I'm a long way behind on that show. Took 8 minutes. I'll let it seed for a while, since I've already uploaded fifty sixty copies of Haruhi episode six.

Thinks: If I had ADSL2 with Annex M, I could have uploaded one hundred and fifty copies of Haruhi ep six. Can't come soon enough.

Update: Okay, modern air conditioners, game consoles, and GPS navigation systems. We are in the 21st century after all. But also rotary-dial phones and bath-houses.

Update: Tl Note: Jenny-chan's are the equivalent of Barbies, but with less va-va voom and more loli. Though that doesn't explain why one of them has a moustache.

Update: What now, a love-directed-acyclic-graph?

Update: Sniffle.

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You Know You've Been Watching Too Much Anime When...

The subtitles are turned off and you don't notice for two minutes.

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Wednesday, May 10


Anime Parents

Steven has a post up on anime parents, or rather, the lack of same. To his missing persons list you can add, just off the top of my head, Saga from Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar (both parents), Kaoru from Ai Yori Aoshi (both), Akane, Nabiki and Kasumi from Ranma 1/2 (mother), Jubei from Jubei-chan the Ninja Girl (mother), Ushio from Ushio and Tora (mother), Sana from Kodomo no Omocha (spoiler), Yuzuyu from Aishiteruze Baby (both, effectively) and Tenchi from Tenchi Muyo (mother and grandmother). (Honoka from Pretty Cure has both parents, but they are rarely seen; they work (and apparently live) abroad, while Honoka stays with her grandmother, which is another thing we often see.)

He suggests that it's to save money on voice actors, but that can't be right, because most anime is produced from existing manga, and manga is noticably lacking in the audio department.

It's a plot device.

The other things these characters have in common is that (a) they are young and (b) they are not living what you would call normal lives, exactly.

Ranma and Urusei Yatsura are prime examples of this.

In Ranma, both mothers are absent; Mrs Tendo passed away some years ago, and Mrs Saotome is at home waiting for the return of her husband and her son - who are, of course, desperate to avoid her. If both ladies were present, the series would have been over in 13 episodes rather than 176.

In Urusei Yatsura, on the other hand, most of the characters do have two living parents (Ryuunosuke being the exception, and she's not a major character). But Ataru's parents are largely ineffectual (though one of the best episodes has Mrs Moroboshi taking center stage), and Lum's parents are absent most of the time, being, after all, from a different planet.

It's effectively the same, and the reason is the same: If you want your teenage and pre-teen characters to be running around causing chaos, it's hard to do it and give them a stable home environment with parents who aren't complete idiots. Some shows (Sailor Moon did this, I think) push the plot point the other way: You have to go out and save the world... Exept you're grounded.

Note also that it's usually the mother that gets it. The reason for that is that it's much more acceptable to portray men as idiots (see Soun Tendo and Genma Saotome for prime examples) than women. Possibly because men are idiots, but that's a whole 'nother post.

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