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Saturday, February 05


Speaking Of Earth-Shattering Kabooms

Doesn't include Pekora, and Non isn't listed in this opening collab, but Phase Connect (home of best rabbit Pipkin Pippa) and Prism Project (home of best rabbit Non Anon) is teaming up with Tsunderia (which I haven't watched) to build a cross-company Minecraft server.

The three members from Prism are the ones I watch the most and also the least chaotic.  And then from Phase Connect there's Pippa.  Not sure if Iku, Meno, and Pina combined can balance her out.

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Friday, November 26


Unexpected Expecteds

I was expecting Cover Corp to announce auditions for JP Gen 6 any day now, because while EN is growing like crazy and ID has Gen 3 on the way, JP Gen 5 is nearly 18 months old now and I couldn't see them leaving it a whole year without any new talent in the main branch.

They didn't do that. They didn't announce auditions at all.

What they announced was Secret Society holoX - JP Gen 6 - debuting in, oh, about six hours.

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Friday, October 08


Daily Hololive Minecraft Stuff 8 October 2021

As two servers merge...

Another one opens.

Prepare for trouble and make it smol.

And Aki Rose is gearing up to solo the Ender Dragon.

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Sunday, October 03


Cold Peafowl

There are suddenly no live HoloEN Minecraft streams after a veritable avalanche the last couple of weeks.  I think it's specifically because they're doing the server update today to link EN and JP, but it's the first time in a while that I've needed to check for content rather than just hitting my Holodex search and playing whatever was live.  IRyS alone has streamed 18 hours of Minecraft this week.

I might catch up on the rest of Pekora's antics now.

Meanwhile, here's the past year of HoloEn's Minecraft adventures squooshed down to 3 minutes.

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Saturday, October 02


Begun, The Invasion Has Peko

I noticed this live last night but didn't spot the EN tag.*  The portal between the Hololive JP and EN servers is opening soon, but Pekora already has an EN holiday home and decided to pay an early visit.

The full invasion starts in a few days, I think.  There's been a flurry of activity on the EN side lately, with all eleven girls preparing to greet the JP and ID contingent.  Their spawn point which has been a wilderness for the past year has turned into a Japanese resort town in the space of two weeks.  IRyS went overnight from living in a dirt house to building fully automated farms that look like the food they produce.

Meanwhile, I found brown sheep.  Well, a brown sheep, but it wasn't alone for long.

* Yes, but since it was already live I didn't see that thumbnail.

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Thursday, September 09


So, HoloCouncil...

I hadn't caught much of Kronii yet - mostly Baelz and Sana, the two Aussies, and some Mumei - but I got a glimpse of why she's so popular in their impromptu Minecraft collab.

The flower scene from that stream takes a bit of explaining, but this shouldn't.

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Monday, August 23


Sneaky Bastards

I caught the first debut and the council meeting - spaced out over 9 hours starting at 3AM did not make it timezone friendly, even though I managed to get a few hours sleep beforehand.

And then, right at the end:

There's another one.  Their account has been in stealth mode on Twitter since May.

Meanwhile, I just checked out Lumi from Cyberlive - the boing boing girl who plays Kerbal Space Program and sings in harmony with herself in Swahili, and she was discussing the history of musical scales in Western music with chat and also herpetology and the etymology of the names of the Micronesian island states.  In Minecraft.

Update: Just tuned in to Pina's Minecraft stream and Lumi was fangirling in the chat.  There's a lot of that - Kiara is a huge fan of Pomu from Nijisanji, and Pomu is a Pikamee fan.

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Sunday, August 22


HoloWeekend Reboot

Quick note: Migration won't be today.  Library compatibility issues causing trouble running the old binaries on the new server.  It looks like I should be able to switch over to current binaries in the next couple of days, though, so we'll have a much cleaner move - latest MariaDB and at least a nominally supported version of Python.

Quick note 2: Sana is Aussie as all get out.

Quick note 3: Now that I'm catching up, Baelz is an Aussie as well.  Accent, check.  Talks about Macca's, check.  Discusses the proper way to eat a meat pie, check.  That makes four Australians in HoloEN.

They're back!

Starting at 3AM on a Monday. Perfect.

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Saturday, August 21


HoloWeekend Discontinues

Mio is currently running in the HoloPortal Relay, while the next set of events is queueing up.

One more to go.

Update: Welp, the next set of events just got unqueued.  Looks like YouTube shadowbanned the whole of HoloEN Gen 2.

YouTube has been unsubscribing people repeatedly because their magic algorithm is dogshit.  They were all over 100k two days ago; now they're all back around 50k.  Sana - the first in line to debut - now has just 38k subscribers on YouTube, but 160k followers on Twitter.  But that's a rant for another day.

Before the debut of HoloEN Gen 2, Kiara of HoloEN Gen 1 will complete her interviews of HoloEN Gen 0.

With Hololive, Nijisanji, and Prism all streaming every which way I haven't had time to properly check out Cyberlive, who, despite their generic name, seem to be doing good things.

Oh, and since the EN Gen 2 debut is postponed due to Tropical Storm Susan, I'll mention this:


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Sunday, July 25


I Come Back To You Now, At The Turn Of The Tide

Haachama has returned, and with her the Reddit Shitpost Review.  (On its first anniversary too.)

Haachama has been absent for a few weeks, apart from some guest appearances on pre-recorded events.  Speculation was that she was taking time off streaming because she needed to focus on her university studies - she's back in Japan after completing high school in Australia, and the story was she needed to adjust and catch up with the difference in courses.

Turns out speculation was 100% accurate.  She confirmed it in her return stream yesterday.

Now we just need a collab with Luto from PRISM Project, who is so Australian she sang the Aeroplane Jelly song on stream.

Meanwhile this server locked up again.  And after I rebooted, I accidentally ran the index repair with the database running, so I had to shut down again and re-run it.

Setting up the new server, but I'm working seven days a week at my day job so things could be spotty for a few more days.

Everything is already backed up to three other servers, though, including one in Australia.

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