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Saturday, October 15


Not Just For Cleaning The Bathroom

Bleach is one of the most popular anime series in fansub right now. As I type this, a double-episode has just been released (eps. 52 and 53) and there are 15,000 people downloading it.

Remember, this is subtitled. 15,000 simultaneous downloads is quite a lot.

I'm beginning to wonder why, though. I picked up a few episodes and started watching it, and it seemed like quite a good series. A bit of action, a bit of humour, a bit of supernatural horror (the show features shinigami, Japanese death spirits, and "hollows", which are ghosts that have lost their ties to the world and seek to fill themselves by devouring other souls).

And then around episode 12, it started slowing down. A fight that might previously have taken half an episode took two. Humour and character development fell by the wayside in place of more fights - which got slower still. And then one of the characters got abducted, and the other characters set off to rescue her, and the whole series just ground to a halt.

I'm watching it now - sort of. I have it playing in one window while I read Chizumatic in another. Some bad guy was mortally wounded three episodes back, and he's just about to die now. I hope.

Honestly. I've said before that Fushigi Yuugi would have been better if they'd cut four episodes from it, but this is ridiculous. You're lucky to get two minutes of actual plot per episode. Given a couple of hours, I could splice each pair of episodes into one (except for episode 33, which is a stand-alone sort of thing) and it would be twice as good. At least. You can just sit there and watch it and see tick... tick... tick... 30 seconds of reaction shots and dialog that add nothing to the story. Snip! Heroes running along the same tunnel they were in five episodes back. Snip!


Who wrote this thing, Robert Jordan?

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