Tuesday, April 07


The Media Can Die In A Fire 7 April 2020

Suspended on Twitter again - for an entire week - for saying something like the title of this post.

So all the unutterable crap the media spews will be collected here in daily threads for a while.

Starting with this retard:

Aha!  A cheap generic drug, off-patent for decades, but TRUMP has a small number of shares in one of the many manufacturers.  HOLD THE PRESSES WE'VE GOT HIM THIS TIME.

In fact, he doesn't even hold shares in that company.  He has an investment in a mutual fund that holds a small stake in Sanofi.  If hydroxychloroquine turns out the be the cure for Wuhan Bat Soup Death Plague and literally saves the world, Trump stands to make dozens of dollars.

Unfortunately being suspended means I can't respond to the fuckwits at NBC in the way they deserve, which would get me suspended anyway.

I hope the cheque for fifty cents cleared before you published that, you worthless sacks of crap.

This is pretty accurate.

Living the Non Non Biyori life in Florida?

From the Department of The Media Doesn't Take Sides, Period, we have this fucker:

Jonathan Turley, however, is proving to be that most endangered of species, an honest liberal:

At some point you have to say, as I did to get myself suspended, that the Washington Post can die in a fire:

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