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Friday, July 20


History's Bloodiest Wars And Who To Blame

A helpful guide.

Rank Name Aggressor Victim How Many
1 World War II Germany, Japan,
sundry others
best forgotten
Everyone else 40 million+
2 An Lushan Rebellion China China 33 million*
3 Mongol Invasions Mongols Everyone else 30 million**
4 Yuan Dynasty Collapse China China 30 million
5 Ming Dynasty China China 25 million
6 Taiping Rebellion China China 20 million
7 World War I Germany,
Ottoman Empire,
Influenza Virus
Everyone else 15-65 million
8 Tamerlane's Conquests Tamerlane Human decency 15 million
9 Dungan Revolt China China 8 million
10 Russian Revolution Filthy Commies Anastasia,
sound agricultural
5 million

* This single 8th century civil war is estimated to have killed 15% of the population of the entire planet.***
** The mongols, by contrast, only wiped out about 10% of the people in the world. Even WWI and the Spanish Flu together couldn't break into double digits.
*** As reader Ray points out, this number may be slightly exaggerated.

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